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Jaime Chocolates

Jaime Chocolates Morello Cherry Earl Grey Mint 
Jaime Chocolates
450 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 #02-07
Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre
Tel: 6258 7500
Opening Hours: 12.30pm to 9.30pm, Tue to Sun; closed on Mondays

If you have the craving for handmade chocolates and don’t want to pay through the nose for Godiva chocolates, try these chocolates from Jaime Chocolates.

They even do special gifts for your wedding, corporate events, anniversary, baby’s full month, etc.

Little Treats Shop

Panda Bread
Little Treats Shop
Blk 178 Toa Payoh Central #01-234
Tel: 9242 4379
Opening Hours: 11am to 9.30pm, daily

What caught my eye is their Panda Bread (see picture above).  They looked so adorable! Made up of milk, cocoa & green tea, I wonder how they taste like.  I’ll be sure to check them out and let you know soon.

They also have doughnuts and muffins.  But not being a doughnut fan, I think I’ll give their donuts a miss and will also try out their muffins (to see if it’s comparable to my fav Chocolat N’ Spice).

If you have tried all of their stuff, let me know which are your favourites.

Post-Makan Note:

I went to their shop yesterday (24 Oct 2007) in anticipation of tasting the Panda Bread but alas, it was in vain.  I only saw donuts and muffins. 😦

So anyway, I tried their muffins (since it was one of my objectives too).  They’re having this promotion of buying 5 muffins @ S$1.20 each and getting 1 free.  This works out to about S$1 per muffin.

Also, ask for a stamp on their card, which you get for purchasing a box of 6 doughnuts/muffins.  After you have collected 7 stamps, you’ll get a free box of doughnuts/muffins.

So how do the muffins taste?  Well, I’m sad to say that Chocolat N’ Spice still serves me better muffins.  The Little Treats Shop’s (LTS) muffins were a tad too soft and most of the flavour (e.g. chocolate, blueberry) covers only half of the muffin.

Anyway, if you find Chocolat N’ Spice too far, you can drop by here to get your muffin fix (it’s really not that bad!).  Look out for a banner which shows a huge muffin just outside the shop and walk right in.

Tim’s Restaurant & Cafe

Tim’s Restaurant & Cafe
Tim’s Restaurant & Cafe
Blk 95 Toa Payoh Lor 4 #01-52
Tel: 6250 5246
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm

This is one of the restaurants that I would like to patronise coz it was recommended by our very own HDB tai tais on 16 August 2007.

The menu boasts value meals at $5 which include spaghetti bolognese, grilled fish, fish and chips, chicken chop and standard western food fare.

Appetisers include seafood such scallops, oysters and fried calamari rings (served with a sweet chili dip), salads and other finger food. Expect a whole smogasbord of western cuisine – lobster with chicken/fish, pork chop and steak.

Being a Nepalese restaurant at the same time, Tim’s offers some Nepalese dishes, such as momo (a meat dumpling), samosa and chicken pakora.

Don’t let the coffeeshop location fool you – they have a wine collection if you’re in the mood for merry-making. Add $2.80 to your main course and enjoy the soup of the day (Sat is gumbo!) dessert and coffee/tea. every customer is served a piece of garlic bread as well.

Note: This review was extracted from

Sakura, International Buffet Restaurant

Sakura Sakura 1st Storey Food Area 2nd Storey Food Area
Opening Hours: 12 Noon to 2.30pm (lunch) & 6pm to 9.30pm (Dinner), Daily

They have 8 outlets over in Tampines Safra, Toa Payoh, Pasir Ris (halal), Jurong Town Hall, Clementi Road (halal), Orchard Road (halal), Marine Parade & Jurong West (halal).  Check their website for details (look under the heading “Subsidiary”).

Buffet prices are:-

  • Lunch (Weekdays): S$21.40
  • Dinner (Weekdays): S$25.65
  • Kids (Weekdays): S$11.65
  • Lunch (Weekdays – Orchard Outlet Only): S$23.55
  • Dinner (Weekdays – Orchard Outlet Only): S$27.80
  • Kids (Weekdays – Orchard Outlet Only): S$12.75
  • Add additional S$2.15 for weekends, eve and public holidays

For the prices you pay above, you will get up to 100 different varieties of Japanese, Western and Oriental foodfare everyday. To briefly entice you, appetizers include baked oysters, lobster salad, mussels, cold prawns and sashimi. The main entrees encompass an assortment of dim sum, Teppanyaki (including lamb chop, salmon and beef, etc.), tempura and grilled items. A wide selection of mouth-watering sushi will also be prepared for all consummate sushi fans. Last but not least, deserts such as cheesecakes, fruits, ice cream and beverages complete the buffet with a satisfying touch.

Update on 10 March 2008:

After a 2-year hiatus from eating at Sakura, we finally made our way to the one at Clementi Woods on 10 March 2008.  How dining works here is that you pay at the counter on the 3rd level and then you will proceed to either Level 1 or 2  for your seating.  On your table, you will see some small clothes pins which has your table number printed on them.  These you can use to order some of the dishes that require some cooking time, eg. fried vegetables, seafood, satay, otah, squid, tau pok, etc. which will then be served to your table once it is ready, which basically saves you waiting time.  Excellent idea I must say!

First the price almost crushed us.  It used to be S$22 nett but now we have to pay S$24+ (which amounted to S$25.65) per person.

Then we were appalled by the drop in food quality and some of the missing good food such as the paper-pot steamboat with live prawns, frozen strawberry with stuffed yoghurt in it.

I ordered the dou miao with abalone and some bamboo shellfish with black pepper  – both were served cold, although they were prepared on the spot.  Portions are tiny – although this is alright with me as I can go for unlimited rounds.  But because quality is not good, I never went for seconds.

Another of my used-to-be favourite dessert was their durian cream puff.  Used-to-be favourite now because the pastry is hard and you can hardly taste the durian paste.  Thumbs down!

I’ve always skipped the dim sum, pizza and pasta corners because having tried them once, the quality was really bad even way back then.  I think it is unlikely that they have improved.

Skip the deep fried stuff at table no. 7 (refer to 1st storey food area map above).  Deep fried stuff must always be eaten hot – if it’s cold, it really tastes bad.

I also tried the oat prawns at table no. 13 – the prawns are not fresh and because the prawns had been deep fried earlier, the crunchiness was seriously lacking.

Sushi and Sashimi were still good – I had unlimited helpings of salmon & tuna.  You can also try their silverfish sashimi but my friend said it tasted a bit fishy, so I gave that a skip.  They also have other sushi – but I’m a bigger sashimi fan.  Standard here remains the same, although I noticed that there were more varieties of sushi available this time.  You can also have edamame (a green vegetable more commonly known as a soybean – usually boiled and lightly salted).

Another item that I love very much is the laksa (from table no. 5).  The gravy was thick and tasted great! It was served in small bowls but again, since this is a buffet, you can have as many bowls as you want.

You can also have free flow of beverages – soft drinks, green tea, brewed coffee, etc.  Also, do try the ice cream with the various toppings – great fun for the kids.

Unfortunately, I am very unlikely to visit this restaurant again – memories of good and cheap food that I had here are alas just a memory.  Still, for the price we paid and the varieties they serve, if you don’t mind quality but want quantity, you can always drop by this restaurant.  By the way, it’s halal so you can also invite your Muslim friends there.  But please note that not all Sakura restaurants are halal, so do check their website for details.

Mellben Seafood

Mellben Seafood Claypot Crab Bee Hoon
Mellben Seafood
Branch 1: 
#01-1222 Block 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Tel: 6285 6762
Branch 2:
Blk 211 Lor 8 Toa Payoh #01-11
Tel: 6353 3120

This shop is famous for their crab bee hoon / noodle soup. The dish is very much like fish head bee hoon except that it’s crab they use instead of fish. The crabs will set you back about S$40 per kg.

They have spun off a branch in Ang Mo Kio Block 233 (opposite the current one) called Uncle Leong’s Seafood (apparently opened by a disciple but not as good as this one). Again, don’t be deterred by the long queue.

Note: Thanks to KP for the recommendation!

Botak Jones

Cajun Chicken U Crazy Wat Chilli Dawg 

Check Botak Jones’ website at for the locations and opening hours.

 The website says it all, “Damn Good Food at a Damn Good Price” – Authentic American Food.  Need I say more? Go check them out!

Post-Makan Note:

I finally went to their Clementi outlet on 10 Oct 2007 to try their food.  I had the Cajun chicken and originally, I wanted to try their apple pie but alas! They didn’t have it.  So I tried their Mango Tango cheesecake.  First I got their menu from the counter which is printed on yellow A4 paper (they even have the menu in Chinese which is printed on the blue A4 paper). Then I joined the queue.  One of their staff will approach you to ask which table you’re sitting at (please note that all the tables are not numbered, so there’s no way you can tell which table you’re sitting at except to point it out to their staff).  She’ll magically write a number on a small piece of paper.  With this piece of paper, present it to another staff who will take your order.  What I love most is that the staff know their food very well and can make excellent recommendations.  At the cashier, they also ask if they want a larger portion of fries at no extra charge! But take it only if you think you can finish all the food (I’ve seen a lot of sides like the coleslaw and fries being dumped into the rubbish bin; such a waste!).

You’ll also be told how long you need to wait for your food (of course I’ll wait for my food; having been in the queue for 20 minutes already! Duh! But it’s good to know though. :P).  You’ll also be asked your name and you may then proceed to your seat.  Another staff will come along in a couple of minutes, verify your order and put the relevant condiments (I got tomato sauce, chilli sauce and mustard) on your table.  Then comes the long wait for your food.

Another interesting bit about Botak Jones is I didn’t even pay for my food until I’m almost through with my dessert.  Another staff (I think they have an army of staff there coz I saw different staff for different needs) came over and ask if I could settle the bill and took my money and gave me my change back. 

Overall, I give the food 8 thumbs up for its quality, quantity and excellent service despite it being in a coffeeshop (1 thumb less coz I asked for my cheesecake to be served immediately but they only gave it to me after I finished my main course and 1 thumb less because the cheesecake was too ordinary).  GST and service charge is already added to the price shown on the menu. And yes, the food looks exactly like that in the menu, which you can view from their website.  I’ll definitely be back, bringing more pple next time.  My parents are my next target!

Note: Thanks to Charlene for the recommendation! 😀