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Anjappar Authentic Chenttinaad Restuarant

Anjappar Authentic Chenttinaad Restuarant
102 Syed Alwi Road
Tel: 6392 5545
76-78, Racecourse Road
Tel: 6296 5545

Bf and I visited the branch at Syed Alwi Road on 26 January 2009 for dinner.  They’re quite easy to find – directly opposite Mustafah Shopping Centre, along a row of shophouses.

Service was a bit slow; maybe because the place was crowded. We ordered 1 Mutton Biriyani (S$8.50), 1 paper dosa (S$3.00) and 2 cups of “masala” tea (S$2 each).

Bad choice of restaurant man! Bf’s mutton biriyani was tasteless and the mutton smell so strong that even he didn’t like it. My paper dosa was normal but I could get a cheaper one from Komala’s, with more sauce.  The tea was light with hardly masala taste.  The interesting part is that you get to mix the milk and the tea yourself (usually they serve it pre-mix).

Anyway, am not too sure if it was the tea or the dosa I had here but I had a wee bit of stomach upset the next day. Bf had no problem but we certainly won’t come back here again as the food was not tasty at all.  There’s no service charge but they charge GST on the total bill.

Bak Kwa from Kim Hock Guan

Kim Hock Guan packaging Kim Hock Guan Bak Kwa from Kim Hock Guan
Kim Hock Guan
Main Branch:
#01-02 Fook Hai Building Tel: 6535 2536
Outlet 1:
455 Geylang Road Tel: 6743 4577
Outlet 2:
#01-25 The Bencoolen Tel: 6835 7118
Blk 3017 Bedok North Street 5 #04-03 Tel: 6243 9394

Last Chinese New year (2007), they had the longest queue that we’ve ever seen coz they were nominated the best bak kwa (barbequed dried pork) in Singapore in the “Bak Kwa Index” by The Straits Times.  Unfortunately, that was the only time we saw them having long queues coz they seemed to disappear after CNY.  This was at the main branch in Fook Hai Building.

Their bak kwa is a bit tougher than the ones from Lim Chee Guan or Bee Chun Hiang coz they used sliced pork instead of minced pork (they don’t have minced pork available).  A kg of this today costs S$45 (or S$27 for 600g – picture above shows 600g of bak kwa).  I’m not too sure if the price will increase closer to the CNY this year.

What I love about their packaging is that it comes in a resealable bag instead of the simply vacuumed ones (see picture above).  This means I can recycle the bag instead of disposing after I’ve opened up the package.  Must applaud this company for going green in this way.

The bak kwa can keep for 2 weeks in room temperature.  If you want to keep it longer, put it in the fridge and it’ll last 3 weeks.

I expect that the queue will start from next week onwards, so if you want to beat the queue, go today!  There’s literally 1 or 2 persons in front of me when I purchased it during lunch time today (17 Jan 2008).

This review can also be found on TheLocalKing.

Cafe Domus

Domus Courtyard By Day Domus Courtyard at Night
Cafe Domus
124 Owen Road
Tel: 6392 5652
Opening Hours: 7pm to 12 midnight, Sun – Thurs; 7pm to 3am Fri, Sat and eve of Public Holidays; closed on Mondays and PH (Sometimes, the cafe is open EVEN on public holidays and sometimes they are closed for private functions; check their website for information)

Although the name says cafe, it’s really a drinking hole with divine nibbles and desserts and your alcoholic drinks.

Cafe Domus is tucked away in serenity along Owen Road. With both indoor and outdoor seatings, the excellent ambiance makes it a great venue for your little gatherings, a romantic evening or even your private event or party (you send the invites and they’ll do your planning). A short climb up the spiral stairs leads to a private rooftop veranda, perfect for friends to chat over some snacks and beers.

What caught my eye is the beautiful picture of its courtyard and the fact that I can get my ice cream fix from Ice Cream Chefs here.

You can also taste the tiramisu dessert from Tiramisutra (which by the way will be closing its doors till indefinitely from 23 December 2007), so go quickly before it’s gone forever.


Kids @ Haato Waffle @ Haato Chocolate Flavor @ Haato  

They have 4 outlets, one in River Valley Road, one in Ridgewood Close, one in Wheelock Place and another one in Serangoon Garden Village.

They have both gelato, sorbet and strawberry yoghurt here. Two interesting gelato flavours that I spotted in their website is the sweet potato with honey & chestnut and wildberry!

For the hungry pack, Haato @ Ridgewood serves food ranging from Japanese pasta and Japanese don. For sweet delights, enjoy an affogato or waffles with gelato. So drop by this quaint cafe at Ridgewood Close (off Pandan Valley Condominium and Ridgewood Condominium) for a quiet afternoon and some savoury food. (And not to forget the gelato of course!)

717 Trading/727 Cakerie

717 Durian Cake 717 Durian Mousse 
717 Trading/727 Cakerie
Opening Hours: 7.30am to 4.30pm, Mon to Fri; 7.30am to 1.30pm, Sat; closed on Sun

They have 6 outlets in Singapore; you can find details of their outlets in their website’s FAQ.

I managed to hunt down another cake shop that sells durian cake.  Only thing is that they deliver if you make purchases above S$100!

I’ve not tried their cakes but I find the prices pretty reasonable.  Can’t find a review on their cakes either. 😛

So guess you’ll have to try it yourself or wait for me to write my review. 😀

Jerry’s Grill

Deep Fried Mushrooms Escargots Buffalo Wings 
Jerry’s BBQ & Grill
277 Jalan Kayu
Tel: 6484 0151
92 Club Street
Tel: 6323 4550
#01-01 Tanglin Shopping Centre
Tel: 6235 1720

Being an American style eatery the portions are of course huge and will require a good digesting session with their full bar, which serves happy hour Tiger drafts at just 5 bucks and Margarita for $8.95. They also serve beer from Belgium, Germany, the US and England among others, and have a large hand picked wine selection. That said, its the food you are really here for isn’t it.

As an American I am reasonably suspicious of attempts to recreate the authentic food experiences of my country, so my surprise was palpable when the meat on my humongous slab of pork ribs just fell right off the bone as advertised. I thought that was it, I’m in heaven and I really don’t need to go on, but the hits kept coming.

The 22-ingredient authentic barbecue sauce was intriguing, the USDA choice filet mignon was cooked just right and cut like butter, and the various sides dishes were all fresh and filling. From the chunky Mashed potatoes (more gravy please), to the clam chowder served in a hollowed out French bread which you can dunk and devour.The California Health salad was also a delicious treat containing beans, chickpeas, jalapeños, oranges, corn, carrots, cherry tomatoes, peppers, lettuce all in a vinaigrette, healthy indeed. Jerry’s also features a mix and match surf and turf menu starting from $20.95 where you can choose crayfish, salmon, or Jumbo prawns, and match them with either a sirloin steak, t-bone, lamb or the aforementioned baby back ribs. All the main courses give you a crack at their all you can eat salad bar. This sounds like a great place to do a thanksgiving dinner but you should probably reserve it ASAP. Although their barbecue sauce is tangy and delicious they also have some other varieties to burn your face off.

I had no trouble with the intensifier, moderately fiery, but the Chef’s Challenge was just that. It just creeps up until the staff laughs at your watering eyes. In fact the challenge actually exists, and calls for eating 8 of these infernal wings without drinking any water. If you can do it, then the wings are FREE! Although confident I could do it, I didn’t want to try that day. The first 3 went down ok.

If you can still handle anymore nibbling their homemade tiramisu is most excellent, fresh is so much better than those terrible prefabricated tiramisu you find in most restaurants, its more like a cocktail. The Chocolate Fondant was a rich and smooth bit of heaven too. They also sell a variety of pastas and burgers but the ribs are really to die for and shouldn’t be missed.

Prices are reasonable considering the portions and you can eat quite well for under $25, or just come and check out their $13 dollar lunch specials to get your taste buds acclimated.

The latest branch of Jerry’s is located on Tanglin road right off Orchard near the former Manchester United store. There are a lot of steak chains around there so make the effort and try an authentic Steak and barbecue before they put you on the assembly line too!

  • If you pay using your UOB credit card, you get 20% off ala-carte food bill with a minimum spending of S$60.00.
Note:  The food review was taken from Think Magazine. What intrigued me about this place was that it served escargots and tiramisu and yet it is an American food outlet. Hmm… we’ll see. 🙂 By the way, they also do delivery.  Check their website for more information.

Lil’ Foot Patisserie

Fever! Signature Chocolate Cheesecake Durian Decadence 
Lil’ Foot Patisserie

Haha… this is another of my discovery whilst surfing.  I hate to let a good thing go coz I know I’ll never remember where I’ve seen it before, then I’ll start swearing at myself. So I’m just going to leave this here and one fine day, I’ll treat myself to a cake from here.

Her cakes are all home made, so she doesn’t have a store front.  To order, send her an email with the information she needs (you can get this from her website) and you have to place your order 2-3 weeks in advance.  I’m eyeing on her durian cake already…. hope it’s as good as Jane’s Cake Station. 😀

She now has delivery everyday and delivery charges are S$15.  Please note that delivery is restricted only to Singapore main island only. Sentosa, Jurong Island and offshore islands not included.  Otherwise, do self collection at Serangoon MRT (NEL).  Do let her know how you’ll be collecting your cake in your email order.

Oyster Omelette from Simon Road

Oyster Omelette
No. 941 Simon Road,南兴咖啡店
Operation Hours: 3pm – 11pm (Closed on Sundays and Mondays)

Be prepared to wait for at least half an hour for your oyster omelette to be served.  It’s fried very crispy but it’s best that you eat it there rather than take it away as it’ll become very oily.

Heng Heng Bak Kut Teh

Heng Heng BKT Bah Kut Teh
Heng Heng Bak Kut Teh
107 Owen Road
Tel: 6292 4913
Operating hours: 7.30 am to 9 am and 11.30 am to 2.30 pm

FOR the past 13 years, Heng Heng Bak Kut Teh, a weather-beaten corner kopi tiam in the vicinity of Little India, has been a favoured destination for well-heeled businessmen, ordinary workers and knowledgeable food types in search a little pork rib soup breakfast boost.

The steady procession of what owner Serene Goh refers to as high-low customers continues until after lunch. Meanwhile, a first-timer sneaking a glance at neighbouring tables will notice that only a few items are on order – Teochew-style steamed fish head, cooked fish that is served at room temperature, and clay pot bak kut teh, along with assorted accompanying dishes.

The soup’s the thing with bak kut teh, and the flavour found at Heng Heng differs from the herbal-tasting or peppery stock found at some other places. According to Goh, whose husband does the cooking, the soup, which is clear, slightly spicy and clean-tasting, is made with more than 10 different herbs and spices, with the ‘special’ ingredient being a sprinkling of chilli padi.

A normal portion of pork ribs costs $6, but if you feel inclined to try the posh version, ask for it to be served with abalone. A few slices of canned abalone – $55 for half a can, double for the whole thing – will give your meal a touch of culinary class and also leave a slight dent in your wallet.

In the heat of the early afternoon, treating yourself to a bowl of steaming hot soup may not be the best idea. The waves of heat coming from the large metal soup pots in the kitchen won’t help, either, but somehow, that doesn’t seem to deter the clientele.

Ponggol Nasi Lemak

Ponggol Nasi Lemak Nasi Lemak
Ponggol Nasi Lemak
965 Upper Serangoon Road
Tel: 6281 0020
Opening Hours: 6pm to 5am; off on Thursday
238 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel: 6348 3303 / 6287 0020

The die-die must try at this nasi lemak stall is their chicken wing.  For a packet of rice with chicken wing, egg, ikan bilis and otah, it’ll cost you S$3.90.

I had the honors of tasting the food here on 6 Oct 2007 and what we had were:- 1 fried chicken drumstick, 1 fried chicken wing, 1 piece of otah (this is the big version, not the teensy weensy kind you get at the usual stall), a tablespoon of ikan bilis with peanuts, 3 pieces of kuning (a kind of small fish which is very popular with nasi lemak), 1 fried egg (sunny side up) and 1 piece of luncheon meat with 2 plates of rice (normal portion) and these cost us S$8.70!  But my friend and I gave the thumbs up for their fried chicken.  The rice is also very fragrant with a coconut-y taste.  Overall, great! Except for the price. 😛

Only gripe here is that it is pretty pricey for nasi lemak but hey, where else can you get delicious nasi lemak at ungodly hours? 😀  And oh, the queue never ends at this stall.