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Kids @ Haato Waffle @ Haato Chocolate Flavor @ Haato  

They have 4 outlets, one in River Valley Road, one in Ridgewood Close, one in Wheelock Place and another one in Serangoon Garden Village.

They have both gelato, sorbet and strawberry yoghurt here. Two interesting gelato flavours that I spotted in their website is the sweet potato with honey & chestnut and wildberry!

For the hungry pack, Haato @ Ridgewood serves food ranging from Japanese pasta and Japanese don. For sweet delights, enjoy an affogato or waffles with gelato. So drop by this quaint cafe at Ridgewood Close (off Pandan Valley Condominium and Ridgewood Condominium) for a quiet afternoon and some savoury food. (And not to forget the gelato of course!)

Gluten-Free Tiramisu Log Cake

Gluten-Free Tiramisu Log Cake
Cedele Depot

Great news for those who are intolerant to gluten and have to avoid the delicious log cakes every year! Cedele is proud to introduce the limited edition gluten-free Tiramisu Log Cake this year. Savour the smooth gluten free log cake with satiny mascarpone cheese and pistachios. Made with Belgian couverture chocolate and an indulgent thick layer of chocolate truffle in the middle, anyone can enjoy this log cake, including those who are not gluten intolerant. Always thinking for the customers, Cedele makes this cake with no trans fat and only using organic unrefined sugar so it is not so sweet.

This cake costs S$65 for 1.1kg.


Pulpo Rose Bombe 
#01-09 Robertson Walk
Tel: 6235 7277
Opening Hours: Dinner –  6pm to midnight, Tue to Sat; 6pm to 10pm, Sun
                             Hi-Tea – 3pm to 5pm, Sat & Sun

Macaron is a stylish new dessert restaurant offering prix fixe menus for both afternoon tea (weekends) and dinner only.

Not dissimilar to internationally reowned dessert restaurants like Espai Sucre (Barcelona) and Room 4 Dessert (New York), Macaron is a proper sit-down restaurant and not just an “after dinner” destination. The 32-seater dining room was designed around the idea of an imaginary landscape composed of abstracted silhouettes of trees and castle forms. In an almost magical like setting, it relates to the focus of the restaurant – that of desserts, which is all about pleasure and sweet encounters.

For a 4-course dinner set, you pay S$38.00 for 1 appetizer (choose either Pulpo, Olive Oil Cake, Pan Con Tomate or King Salmon Tartare), 1 dessert amuse (“Virgin Mary” sorbet, Poached Vanilla Citrus Pear, Chocolate sorbet, Flambe Banana, “Sunny Side Up” or Frozen Kalamansi Chibouste) 1 dessert glass & 1 petit four. 

And if you can, you have an option of going for 6 course (S$55.00), 9 course (S$80.00) or 15 course (S$125.00).  You can also go for their hi-tea set (S$28.00+++) or simply go a-la-carte.

Check their website for more details on the menu and please keep in mind that this is a dessert restaurant, so don’t expect a lot of meat dishes/salad.

Bon appetit! And remember my favourite motto: “Life is short, eat your desserts first!” 😀

Note: Thanks to Mei Ling for this wonderful recommendation!

289, Your Private Dining Space

289 River Valley Road
Tel: 9790 0917

Imagine having your own private dining space to dine with your friends and you don’t even have to cook and clean up!

Helming the 289’s kitchen is ex-Michelangelo chef, Melvyn Tan, who loves concocting new recipes, tailor makes the menu for each party so you can be sure you won’t be having repeat dishes whenever you dine there.  Depending on the complexity of the dishes, the price of a 3-5 course lunch menu ranges from around S$60 to S$90 (per person), while a 5-course dinner is priced at approximately S$120 (per person).

Pawtobello Cafe & Pets Boutique

Pawtobello Logo Pawtobello Cafe Pawtobello Doggie Food Pawtobello Human Food
Pawtobello Cafe & Pets Boutique
No. 33 Mohd Sultan Road #01-04
Tel: 9am to 10pm
Tel: (65) 6887 4806

SINGAPORE: Restaurant Pawtobello is Singapore’s “dog-friendly” restaurant where dogs are allowed to accompany their owners inside.

It even has a dog menu just for canines. Pooches can choose to tuck into a variety of European dishes, including crepes and chicken rolls.

These dishes have been certified by a veterinarian as being healthy food for dogs.

In addition, the restaurant also offers its two-legged customers more than 50 dishes for breakfast, lunch, tea, high tea and dinner, and more than 25 different beverages.

The founders of the restaurant located at Mohammed Sultan Road are 3 sisters- Ye Lirong (41 years old), Ye Lijun (35 years old) and Ye Liyi (29 years old). When they realised that the restaurants in Singapore did not allow dogs inside the premises, they started thinking about setting up a “dog-friendly” restaurant that opens its doors to canines as well as people.

“In Paris, we can see dogs queuing up and waiting to go into high class restaurants and cafés with their owners. Furthermore, dogs and their owners can shop together at the stores in Strasbourg too,” Ye Lirong said.

According to them, the same is not true in China, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. In these countries, their dog wasn’t permitted to accompany them into the restaurants and shops.

The décor of Pawtobello is very European, with an antique 19th-century crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

The restaurant also houses a pet clothing store. The three sisters have stocked it with pet apparel and accesories from South Korea, Japan, Bangkok, New York and Australia. You can find dresses whose designs were inspired by Audrey Hepburn, glittering (and elegant) nightgowns as well as summer clothing among the doggy outfits.

Note: The above review was extracted from Sinchew dated 18 July 2007.

House of Sundanese

House of Sudanese Ikan Gurame Goreng Taupok Goreng Isi
House of Sundanese
55 Boat Quay
Tel: 6534 3775
#B1-063 Suntec City Mall
Tel: 6334 1012
#02-18 Great World City
Tel: 6887 5535
Level 3, Changi Airport Terminal 2
Tel: 6546 4839

This has remained one of my most favourite Indonesian restaurant.  When your order has been taken, you will be given a small basket of emping (slightly bitter crackers made from Buah Melinjo) .  Ask for the restaurant’s sambal belacan (a malay style chilli mixed with belacan) and dip the emping into it.  But be careful, their sambal belacan is spicy!

One dish that I must have when I am there is their Ikan Gurame Goreng (literal translation is fish gurame fried). The gurame fried to perfection and is very crispy and tastes superb with the restaurant’s sambal belacan and warm rice.

Another dish that I love is their taupok goreng isi. What this dish is they take the fried taupok (bean curd skin) and stuff them with scallops, prawns and mushrooms and deep fry the taupok.

Siak Ann – Sambal Deep Fried Fish

Sambal Deep Fried Fish
Siak Ann
Blk 22A Havelock Rd #01-07
Havelock Road Food Centre
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday; closed on weekends and public holidays

 I love their sambal deep fried fish here. Unusual for me coz I’m not a fish person. When I do order from them, I’ll ask for more sambal so I can mask the fishy taste. 😛

The prices are also still ridiculously retro – the signboard menu indicates that the dishes range from $4 to $10, except for the sambal fish which can go up to about $12. Trust me, you are paying for less than what the dish is worth. 

Whilst you are in the area, you can also check out the hokkien mee at Lian Seng.  They’re also not opened for dinner. 😀


Thanks to Jim for the update on the move! Time for some sambal fish! This is the article that Jim mentioned.

Nasi Padang River Valley

Nasi Padang River Valley Nasi Padang Dishes
Nasi Padang River Valley
55 Zion Road
Tel: 6734 3383
Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm; closed on public holidays

This is THE place to go for if you want good nasi padang. Sure there are dozens of good nasi padang stall but this is the one I love to go to. 😀

Prices are not cheap at this stall but they do have a huge variety of food where you can choose.  Do try the beef rendang which is really tender.