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Beautiful Cupcakes from Perfect Fairy Cakes

Cupcake from Fairy Cake Fairy Cake from Fairy Cakes

Perfect Fairy Cakes
Tel: 9482 4066 (Karen)

It is rare to find a cupcake that tastes as good as it looks, so I sighed with pleasure after biting into one from Perfect Fairy Cakes.

The cupcake had a tender crumb flecked with coconut and an unexpected dollop of rich lemon curd in the middle. Coconut meringue piped prettily on top added the perfect crowning touch. There was texture and fresh, zippy flavour with every bite.

Cooking teacher Karen Koh, 45, started the online business about a month ago, after her students kept wanting to buy her baked goods. Yes, why take a class when you can just buy the goodies and devour them straightaway?

And she makes sure these cakes are worth the calories by using quality ingredients like Valrhona chocolate, French butter, homemade lemon curd and fresh fruit.

The proof is definitely in the tasting. The chocolate cupcake delivers a satisfying chocolate hit. It is dense, moist and rich without being too sweet. I like the ones with the chocolate flakes and cherry on top.

The lemon cupcake is rich with lemon zest, the vanilla sponge comes filled with raspberry jam and there is also a chocolate cupcake with marmalade inside.

They can be topped with any number of whimsical designs. For special occasions, consider the arty fondant toppings. These look better thanthey taste, but I love the retro cool colours they come in – think milky pink and creamy turquoise.

Koh bakes and decorates each cupcake by hand and it is labour-intensive work. The minimum order is one dozen of the same flavour, and you should place the orders at least a week in advance.

Note: This review was extracted from ST Foodies Club.

Julius Truffles

Fishy Truffles Citrus and Chocolate Tartlets 
Julius Truffles

Julius Truffles was also featured in The New Paper on 20 October 2007.

What I had my eye on is the fishy truffles that I am going to order for Chinese New Year.  “Nian nian you yu” 😛 18 pieces of fishy truffles go for S$55.

Check Julius Truffles’ website for more details on other truffles/chocolate delights and tarts.  They also have pricing there and delivery information (it’s located under the link, FAQ) there.

Some of the cakes and chocolates in this collection are created by friends of Julius Truffles. Thus, there will be times where they can not be fulfilled because people get busy. Book your favourite chocolate delights early and be assured that you will be amazed!

Creme Confections

Florentines Aux Chocolat New York Philadelphia Cheese Cake Baked Classic Cheese Cake Vanilla Genoise Loaf Summer Love Tart Aux Fruits
Creme Confections
Note: Creme Confections would not be accepting any more orders until Dec 2007.

I first saw a recommendation for his cakes and tarts in The New Paper dated 20 Oct 2007.

An NS serviceman by day, a baker by night (or whenever he’s free), Creme Confections’s baker, Mike, bakes beautiful cakes and pies as shown in the pictures above.

And he’s another of those who do not have shopfronts (which is really unfortunate) but according to the recommendation, his cakes are delicious!

Personally, I’m looking forward to ordering some Florentines Au Chocolat (bite-size confection with crunchy Almonds and a well-balanced mix of zesty Citrus Peels and a coat of Chocolate makes this everyone’s favorite decadent treat).  They cost S$0.60 a piece and there’s a minimum order of 15 pieces.  Great for Christmas and Chinese New Year if you ask me! 😛

Please note that delivery is only to limited areas and is charged at S$10/trip for orders below S$80.  Otherwise, pick up your orders from Ang Mo Kio MRT.  Delivery and collection times are stipulated in his blog.

Jerry’s Grill

Deep Fried Mushrooms Escargots Buffalo Wings 
Jerry’s BBQ & Grill
277 Jalan Kayu
Tel: 6484 0151
92 Club Street
Tel: 6323 4550
#01-01 Tanglin Shopping Centre
Tel: 6235 1720

Being an American style eatery the portions are of course huge and will require a good digesting session with their full bar, which serves happy hour Tiger drafts at just 5 bucks and Margarita for $8.95. They also serve beer from Belgium, Germany, the US and England among others, and have a large hand picked wine selection. That said, its the food you are really here for isn’t it.

As an American I am reasonably suspicious of attempts to recreate the authentic food experiences of my country, so my surprise was palpable when the meat on my humongous slab of pork ribs just fell right off the bone as advertised. I thought that was it, I’m in heaven and I really don’t need to go on, but the hits kept coming.

The 22-ingredient authentic barbecue sauce was intriguing, the USDA choice filet mignon was cooked just right and cut like butter, and the various sides dishes were all fresh and filling. From the chunky Mashed potatoes (more gravy please), to the clam chowder served in a hollowed out French bread which you can dunk and devour.The California Health salad was also a delicious treat containing beans, chickpeas, jalapeños, oranges, corn, carrots, cherry tomatoes, peppers, lettuce all in a vinaigrette, healthy indeed. Jerry’s also features a mix and match surf and turf menu starting from $20.95 where you can choose crayfish, salmon, or Jumbo prawns, and match them with either a sirloin steak, t-bone, lamb or the aforementioned baby back ribs. All the main courses give you a crack at their all you can eat salad bar. This sounds like a great place to do a thanksgiving dinner but you should probably reserve it ASAP. Although their barbecue sauce is tangy and delicious they also have some other varieties to burn your face off.

I had no trouble with the intensifier, moderately fiery, but the Chef’s Challenge was just that. It just creeps up until the staff laughs at your watering eyes. In fact the challenge actually exists, and calls for eating 8 of these infernal wings without drinking any water. If you can do it, then the wings are FREE! Although confident I could do it, I didn’t want to try that day. The first 3 went down ok.

If you can still handle anymore nibbling their homemade tiramisu is most excellent, fresh is so much better than those terrible prefabricated tiramisu you find in most restaurants, its more like a cocktail. The Chocolate Fondant was a rich and smooth bit of heaven too. They also sell a variety of pastas and burgers but the ribs are really to die for and shouldn’t be missed.

Prices are reasonable considering the portions and you can eat quite well for under $25, or just come and check out their $13 dollar lunch specials to get your taste buds acclimated.

The latest branch of Jerry’s is located on Tanglin road right off Orchard near the former Manchester United store. There are a lot of steak chains around there so make the effort and try an authentic Steak and barbecue before they put you on the assembly line too!

  • If you pay using your UOB credit card, you get 20% off ala-carte food bill with a minimum spending of S$60.00.
Note:  The food review was taken from Think Magazine. What intrigued me about this place was that it served escargots and tiramisu and yet it is an American food outlet. Hmm… we’ll see. 🙂 By the way, they also do delivery.  Check their website for more information.

Lil’ Foot Patisserie

Fever! Signature Chocolate Cheesecake Durian Decadence 
Lil’ Foot Patisserie

Haha… this is another of my discovery whilst surfing.  I hate to let a good thing go coz I know I’ll never remember where I’ve seen it before, then I’ll start swearing at myself. So I’m just going to leave this here and one fine day, I’ll treat myself to a cake from here.

Her cakes are all home made, so she doesn’t have a store front.  To order, send her an email with the information she needs (you can get this from her website) and you have to place your order 2-3 weeks in advance.  I’m eyeing on her durian cake already…. hope it’s as good as Jane’s Cake Station. 😀

She now has delivery everyday and delivery charges are S$15.  Please note that delivery is restricted only to Singapore main island only. Sentosa, Jurong Island and offshore islands not included.  Otherwise, do self collection at Serangoon MRT (NEL).  Do let her know how you’ll be collecting your cake in your email order.

Shin Kushiya

Tofu Cheesecake Nabeyaki Udon Hotate Kariage Don 
Shin Kushiya
#02-120 Vivo City
Tel: 6275 8766
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm, Sun to Thu; 11.30am to 11.30pm, Fri & Sat
#01-031 New Suntec Galleria
Tel: 6337 3988
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm, Mon to Fri; 11.30am to 11.30pm, Sat & Sun
33-35 Pekin Street (Far East Square)
Tel: 6438 8991
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10.30pm, Mon to Fri; 11.30am to 3pm, 6p to 11pm, Sat & Sun

I’ve tried eating at this restaurant twice: the first time was for dinner at their Vivo City outlet and the 2nd time for lunch at their Far East Square outlet.

I didn’t enjoy the dinner as I found their kushiyaki (something like yakitori sticks) were too saltish for my taste.  However, the dinner set was worth the price I paid (about S$35 nett if I can remember correctly) as it came with 5 sticks of kushiyaki, garlic rice, fruits, hot green tea, 1 tiny bowl of salad, miso soup, pickles and 1 tofu cheesecake.  Service at the Vivo City outlet was excellent I must say.

The kushiyaki that I ate during lunch was less saltish and more palatable.  Again, I ordered the mixed kushiyaki set.  This time, it came with 4 sticks of kushiyaki (2 mushrooms, pork with a bit of cheese sprinkled on top, pork with asparagus and 1 prawn), 1 tiny bowl of salad, 1 miso soup, pickles, 1 small bowl of potato mashed with carrots and 1 cold glass of green tea.  For these, I paid S$22.95 nett.  Very good value for money.  My colleagues had their Nabeyaki Gindara Udon set (Japanese claypot noodles with prawn tempura, vegetables, egg and choice of chicken or cod fish; gindara is cod fish) and Hotate Kariage Don set (sea scallops and vegetables lightly battered and fried). 

The Nabeyaki Gindara Udon set costs S$27.40 nett including 1 cold glass of green tea and the Hotate Kariage Don set costs S$23.80 nett including 1 hot glass of green tea.  The green tea costs S$1.77 nett and is an optional item.

Service at the Far East Square is not as good as the Vivo City outlet but given that it was a very busy lunch crowd (the whole restaurant was packed), it was understandable.

From 5 November 2007, Shin Kushiya will deliver to offices in the vicinity of their restuarants at Suntec City, Vivo City and Far East Square.  Please click here (Shin Delivery Menu) for terms and conditions of delivery and menu.  Minimum order is S$100.

Express Food Delivery

Express Food Delivery 
511 Guillemard Road #02-27
Grandlink Square
Singapore 399849
Tel: 6747 4368 Fax: 6747 4113
Opening Hours: 11am to 2am everyday except on the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month


I know they have been around for a very long time.  This company specializes in food & fruits from Geylang.  Yes, they do deliver durian! and even rambutan, lychee & longans! Wow! They even have bubble tea for those who have the craving for it. 

And fear not! They have food from Chinese to Malay to Indian to vegetarian.  If you’re tired of ordering tingkat dinner, you might want to try their set dinner too.

If the order is less than S$15, an additional charge of S$2 will be imposed.

7th Manna Cake Delivery

Tiramisu New York Cheesecake Keyboard
7th Manna
Tel: 9111 1165 (call during their opening hours only)
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm, Mon to Sat; closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Ok, so this is another cake delivery service I found whilst surfing.  Price is quite reasonable and delivery charges are S$10 to one location.

Their cakes varieties range from tiramisu to cheesecake to carrotcake, etc. Check their website for more details.

They’ve also received very good reviews about their cakes, so hey, go check them out.

The Daily Scoop

Daily Scoop Cafe Ice Cream With Waffle
The Daily Scoop, Ice Cream Cafe
41 Sunset Way #01-04
Clementi Arcade
Tel: 6463 3365
Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm, Mon to Thu; 11am to 10pm, Fri & Sat; 2pm to 9pm, Sun; closed on Public Holidays

Not just frozen delights…

Their hand-churned specialty ice cream is the best way to tantalise your tastebuds! From the fruity to the creamy, the out of the ordinary to the traditional, they’ve more than 20 flavours of affordably priced ice cream to choose from. Freshly made in-store using premium ingredients, you’ll find a flavour to fall in love with at first bite!

Satisfy your dessert cravings at The Daily Scoop… they’re heavy in taste but light on your pocket!

Come by for a scoop or have it delivered to your doorstep.  Their takeaway tubs come in 2 sizes – 400g @ S$8.80 or 700g @ S$14.50.  Free delivery of ice cream worth S$50 and above on Tuesdays (except for Public Holidays) else a delivery surcharge will be imposed.  Full payment must be made when placing orders in-store or upon delivery.

Post-Makan Note:

Finally I managed to taste the ice cream here on 8 December 2007.  I had a single scoop of the rum & raisin flavour which set me back by S$2.90 in an ordinary cone.

Service here is not too bad.  The staff actually let me tasted one of the unique ice cream flavours – coconut & lychee.  I found it a bit too sweet so I settled for rum & raisin instead.

The verdict? They could use a little more rum in their ice cream.  I prefer the Haagen Daaz’s version more.  Must however give The Daily Scoop kudos for coming up with very localized flavours, such as the coconut & lychee, chendol, green tea with red beans, etc.

Overall, good value for money.  And if you’re lucky, you can actually get to see them hand churning the ice cream on the spot.

The shop is a wee bit off for passersby; you really have to make a conscious effort to come here. But while you are here, you can have lunch at Bather’s, dessert at The Daily Scoop and bring home a slice of cake from Classic Cakes. They’re all in the same row. 😀

Ice Cream Chefs

Ice Cream Chefs 3 Oz Ice Cream 3oz Ice Cream Shots
Ice Cream Chefs
520 East Coast Road
(Ocean Park – Besides St. Patricks School) #01-06
Tel:  6446 6355
Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 1-10pm; Friday – Saturday & Eve. of PH: 1-11:00pm

Have your very own creation!
1) Select your Flavors and Size
2) Choose your Mix-Ins
3) Watch us smash your Mix-Ins into your chosen flavors on the Chef’s Rock!

Free Hersheys Chocolate sauce with any mix-ins! Witness in front of your very eyes Live Ice Cream making and have your very own flavors customized just for you on the Chef’s Rock. The Chefs will smash your mix-ins into your flavors creating in a fresh, personalized and crunchy ice cream creation.  Click here to see the video.

They even have a delivery menu (click here to see the menu).  Cost of each pint is S$9.50. 

They also have the 3oz “Ice Cream Shots”, which is just the right size for a single dose of ice cream (a typical scoop of ice cream is about 3 oz) Perfect for office functions, kids parties, house warming, gatherings, etc.

  • Free Delivery for orders $50 and above. Delivery surcharge applies otherwise.
  • Min order of 25 shots for the 3oz ones.
  • Their Live Ice Cream Experience costs S$5.80 per person for a minimum of 20 persons.  They will have an ice cream making machine on site and will make the ice cream on the spot, which takes about an hour to freeze.  Only 3 flavours will be available.  The whole Experience will lasts about 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

  • They accept cash on delivery and Internet bank transfer (POSB/DBS and UOB). Please call them for banking details.

Post-Makan Note:

I sent an email to them to order 25 of the 3oz shots and they responded within the next working day.  And they managed to deliver my orders within the time period stipulated.

Wow! All my friends loved the ice cream.  It was comparable to Haagen-Daaz’s ice cream.  Packaging is a bit different from what’s shown on their website.  The 3oz shot came in clear plastic container with a Ice-Cream Chef sticker outside it (see last picture above).  Flavor of the ice cream is then written on the container itself. Packaging was simple but hey, why should I pay for something that I’ll be throwing away anyway!

We had the Chocolates & Hersheys, Peach Mango Fuzz (more like sherbert), Chippy Mint (peppermint with dark chocolate chips), Rum the Raisins and Mocha the Madness.

Definitely a must-have for any parties you have in future!