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Fries from Yella Fellas

Yella Fellas
#B1-K6 Bugis Junction
230 Victoria Street
Singapore 188024
Opening hours: 11am to 10pm daily

If you love fries, then you’ll love Yella Fellas.  Yella Fellas is all about fries, fries and more fries! The times they are a-changin’. They have more than ketchup and chilli. As a specialty Fries shop, we make our own sauces, some of them a right tasty meal. Heard about Dutch War Sauce? It’s a delicious blend of the local spiciness that locals here know and love with a twist. And you pay only S$3.80! What about Poutine Sauce? A Canadian favourite made with premium beef sauce and cheese, it’s a taste you’ll love at a price of S$4.90!  They also have a special set of fries to suit our local palate – the Spicy Chilli Crab! At a price of S$4.90, you simply should not give this a miss! Oh did I mention that they have the Brussels Mussels (S$5.90)?  If you’re into mussels, you get the Yella Fellas fries with mussels in white wine cream sauce.  However, this dish is available only on selected days. If you just want plain fries with your sauces, order the YellaFellas and pick any of these sauces for free – tomato ketchup, chilli sauce or malt vinegar.  Else, you can pay S$0.50 and get 1 of the 18 sauces available – cheddar cheese, nachos cheese, garlic yoghurt, herb mayo etc. – just to name a few. I like this place for its most innovative ways of serving an ordinary plate of fries and for its reasonable prices.  There are simply too many sauces for me to try everything in 1 go – so I’ll be sure to go a few times to suss the best sauces.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

XXL Crispy Chicken Crispy Floss Egg Crepe Handmade Oyster Mee Sua

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

This popular taiwan street snacks can be found in most major shopping centres in Singapore.

My absolute favourites from here would be their XXL Crispy Chicken (fried and seasoned with salt, chilli powder, pepper and five spice powder. The skin is very crispy and is covered in the seasoning) and the Crispy Floss Egg Crepe.

Another popular item here would be their handmade oyster mee sua (noodle).  I’ve tried numerous times to get a taste of it but was unsuccessful.


Tori-Q Yakitori
Basement 2, Takashimaya Shopping Centre (inside the food court)
Basement 1, The Paragon
Basement 1-25, Bugis Junction (below Seiyu), Tel: 6238 0232
Basement 1-25, Junction 8 Shopping Centre, Tel: 6259 9172
Basement 1, Tangs Market, Tangs Plaza
Website: (Under Construction)

Tori-Q is a store specialising in Japanese Yakitori, a semi-equivalent to the Malaysia Satay stick. One employee is always busy grilling away little hunks of meat and sometimes assorted vegetables skewered onto little sticks that provide a very portable and relatively healthy snack.

The menu is not overly complex – you order various types of skewers with the option of the better value “packs” providing rice and a drink as well. Most of the grilled skewers are dunked into a warm teriyaki sauce and then put into the various bags or packages. The cheapest sticks are the chicken sticks at only S$0.90 each and the most expensive being the Unagi (eel) ones at S$2.00.

They also have bento sets where you can order the yakitori sticks with rice.  Prices for the bento sets start from S$4.50 to S$6.50.

Tori-Q is not very large with the insides only big enough for the all the employees grilling and serving and a few stools encouraging very brief stays. A big glass panel separates the customers from the grilling section but the entire cooking process is very visible, at least guaranteeing a certain level of quality.

Mooncakes With A Twist

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant
Carlton Hotel
76 Bras Basah Road
Tel: 6349 1292

Fancy non-traditional mooncakes with durian, tiramisu or even rum and raisin? Wait no more! Head on down to Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant or simply fax the Wah Lok Order Form attached here.

Post-Makan Notes:

I finally got to try the mooncakes from Wah Lok.  I ordered the rum & raisin ones coz those are my favourites but I felt cheated.  Why? Coz I thought the rum & raisin ones meant that the lotus paste would be rum & raisin flavoured instead of the usual paste.  Instead, what I got was a small rum & raisin chocolate inside a normal snow skin mooncake with the usual lotus paste.

UOB credit card holders get 15% discount from 26 August to 14 September 2008.

Beard Papa’s Cream Puff

Beard Papa Beard Papa Cream Puff 
Beard Papa (S) Pte Ltd

They have outlets at Takashimaya, Vivo City, Bugis Junction, Raffles City and Plaza Singapura.

What is a Beard Papa Cream Puff? It’s a crispy puff pastry filled with their fresh custard combined with whipped cream. It now comes in vanilla or cocoa flavor. The puff pastry is filled with the custard almost on the spot. The cream puff is S$2 a piece.

They now also offer other pastries like cheese cake, coronet, chocolate eclair, tiramisu, etc. Personally, I only go for their cream puff, so I haven’t tried the rest yet.

Room for Dessert – Cakes

Chocolate Cake Carrot Cake 
Room for Dessert
Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-42
Waterloo  Centre
Tel: (65) 6337 7637
Opening Hours: 3pm – 7pm, Mon to Tue; 11am – 7pm, Wed to Fri; 2pm – 7pm, Sat; close on Sundays & Public Holidays

They’re famous for their carrot cake (S$18 for 500g and S$30 for 1kg) & chocolate cakes (S$18 for 500g and S$30 for 1kg).