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Bak Kwa from Kim Hock Guan

Kim Hock Guan packaging Kim Hock Guan Bak Kwa from Kim Hock Guan
Kim Hock Guan
Main Branch:
#01-02 Fook Hai Building Tel: 6535 2536
Outlet 1:
455 Geylang Road Tel: 6743 4577
Outlet 2:
#01-25 The Bencoolen Tel: 6835 7118
Blk 3017 Bedok North Street 5 #04-03 Tel: 6243 9394

Last Chinese New year (2007), they had the longest queue that we’ve ever seen coz they were nominated the best bak kwa (barbequed dried pork) in Singapore in the “Bak Kwa Index” by The Straits Times.  Unfortunately, that was the only time we saw them having long queues coz they seemed to disappear after CNY.  This was at the main branch in Fook Hai Building.

Their bak kwa is a bit tougher than the ones from Lim Chee Guan or Bee Chun Hiang coz they used sliced pork instead of minced pork (they don’t have minced pork available).  A kg of this today costs S$45 (or S$27 for 600g – picture above shows 600g of bak kwa).  I’m not too sure if the price will increase closer to the CNY this year.

What I love about their packaging is that it comes in a resealable bag instead of the simply vacuumed ones (see picture above).  This means I can recycle the bag instead of disposing after I’ve opened up the package.  Must applaud this company for going green in this way.

The bak kwa can keep for 2 weeks in room temperature.  If you want to keep it longer, put it in the fridge and it’ll last 3 weeks.

I expect that the queue will start from next week onwards, so if you want to beat the queue, go today!  There’s literally 1 or 2 persons in front of me when I purchased it during lunch time today (17 Jan 2008).

This review can also be found on TheLocalKing.

717 Trading/727 Cakerie

717 Durian Cake 717 Durian Mousse 
717 Trading/727 Cakerie
Opening Hours: 7.30am to 4.30pm, Mon to Fri; 7.30am to 1.30pm, Sat; closed on Sun

They have 6 outlets in Singapore; you can find details of their outlets in their website’s FAQ.

I managed to hunt down another cake shop that sells durian cake.  Only thing is that they deliver if you make purchases above S$100!

I’ve not tried their cakes but I find the prices pretty reasonable.  Can’t find a review on their cakes either. 😛

So guess you’ll have to try it yourself or wait for me to write my review. 😀

Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian (Minced Meat Noodles)

Xing Ji Stall Xing Ji Minced Meat Noodles
Xing Ji Ruo Cuo Mian
Block 85 Bedok North Street 4 #01-07
Fengshan Market & Food Centre
Opening Hours: 5.30pm to 3.00am, daily

The noodles are so well-cooked that they retain their springy texture even in the superb hot soup which is consistently good. No mushrooms, seaweed or fried flatfish, just noodles covered almost completely with minced meat and a couple of meatballs topped with freshly cut chilli. “This is the true Hokkien style,” says owner Sim Chee Huat, 50, who took over the business from his father more than 20 years ago. “Traditionally, there is no dry version for bak chor mee.” His customers like it that way and are willing to queue at least an hour on weekends. So great is the demand that the stall owner’s younger sister has opened another stall – Ah Poh Meat Noodles – in the same market.

At S$2 a bowl for a standard serving, Xing Ji offers the best minced pork noodles at standard market price.  Then again, a single bowl is seldom enough.    On weekdays, do request for their wantons, which are not available on weekends.

Note: This review was extracted from ST Foodies Club.

Red Lips Kueh Pie Tee

Red Lips Kueh Pie Tee
Red Lips Foods
Outlet 1:
Blk 3017 Bedok North St. 5 Gourmet East Kitchen, #06-32
Tel: 6448 1048
Fax: 6448 8439
Email addy:
Outlet 2:
Blk 429, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #11-2576, Singapore 560429
Tel: 6456 5928
Fax: 6552 3257
Email addy:

If you are having a party or just want to have kueh pie tee, go order the kueh pie tee from Red Lips.  They have a party pack which offers an all-in-one, ready to eat package of Kueh Pie Tees complete with traditional peranakan vegetable filling, their famous “Got Kick” chilli sauce and parsley topping.

If you just want to have the Kueh Pie Tee cups, you can get them from their distributors stated here.  Their KPT cups come in 2 sizes:- mini or normal.  For ideas on fillings other than the traditional vegetable filling, you can also go here.

Price list for their Kueh Pie Tee Cups:

30 Cups – S$6.00
50 Cups – S$9.00

50 mini Cups – S$7.50
80 mini Cups – S$11.00

Note: Thanks to Roch Koh for the information! And thanks for visiting too! 😀

Botak Jones

Cajun Chicken U Crazy Wat Chilli Dawg 

Check Botak Jones’ website at for the locations and opening hours.

 The website says it all, “Damn Good Food at a Damn Good Price” – Authentic American Food.  Need I say more? Go check them out!

Post-Makan Note:

I finally went to their Clementi outlet on 10 Oct 2007 to try their food.  I had the Cajun chicken and originally, I wanted to try their apple pie but alas! They didn’t have it.  So I tried their Mango Tango cheesecake.  First I got their menu from the counter which is printed on yellow A4 paper (they even have the menu in Chinese which is printed on the blue A4 paper). Then I joined the queue.  One of their staff will approach you to ask which table you’re sitting at (please note that all the tables are not numbered, so there’s no way you can tell which table you’re sitting at except to point it out to their staff).  She’ll magically write a number on a small piece of paper.  With this piece of paper, present it to another staff who will take your order.  What I love most is that the staff know their food very well and can make excellent recommendations.  At the cashier, they also ask if they want a larger portion of fries at no extra charge! But take it only if you think you can finish all the food (I’ve seen a lot of sides like the coleslaw and fries being dumped into the rubbish bin; such a waste!).

You’ll also be told how long you need to wait for your food (of course I’ll wait for my food; having been in the queue for 20 minutes already! Duh! But it’s good to know though. :P).  You’ll also be asked your name and you may then proceed to your seat.  Another staff will come along in a couple of minutes, verify your order and put the relevant condiments (I got tomato sauce, chilli sauce and mustard) on your table.  Then comes the long wait for your food.

Another interesting bit about Botak Jones is I didn’t even pay for my food until I’m almost through with my dessert.  Another staff (I think they have an army of staff there coz I saw different staff for different needs) came over and ask if I could settle the bill and took my money and gave me my change back. 

Overall, I give the food 8 thumbs up for its quality, quantity and excellent service despite it being in a coffeeshop (1 thumb less coz I asked for my cheesecake to be served immediately but they only gave it to me after I finished my main course and 1 thumb less because the cheesecake was too ordinary).  GST and service charge is already added to the price shown on the menu. And yes, the food looks exactly like that in the menu, which you can view from their website.  I’ll definitely be back, bringing more pple next time.  My parents are my next target!

Note: Thanks to Charlene for the recommendation! 😀