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Coral Village Bistro

Curry Fish Set Coral’s Curry Fish Head
Coral Village Bistro
269 Beach Road
Tel: 6297 9453
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 1.00am, daily

The food here’s pretty tasty, and offers good value for money, especially their daily special lunch deals (set lunches) that ranges from curry chicken to fish fillet (lemon sauce). Of cause a-la-carte offerings range from zhi cha style (think yee mee, hor fun) to fancier black pepper vermicelli.

The fish head curry here is also recommended.  Or if you are not a fish head person, you can order their curry fish set.

  • For American Express Card holders (offer is valid from 1 January to 31 December 2008), you get 15% savings on a-la-carte food menu (dinner); not valid on eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays and special occasions (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day) and for dine-in only.

  • For UOB Credit Card (offer is valid until 31 Dec 2008), you get:-
    • 15% savings on a-la-carte food menu (for dinner only); 
    • free dessert with minimum spending of S$200.00;
    • first house pour drink is free at The Cove; and
    • Complimentary Birthday Buns for birthday.


Mansaku Teriyaki Set
505 Beach Road #01-93
Golden Mile Food Centre
Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm daily, closed on Tuesday

Mansaku sells a variety of Japanese food such as ‘Teriyaki Chicken’, ‘Pork Katsu’, ‘Unagi’, ‘Salmon Set’, ‘Katsu Curry rice’ and ‘Udon’.

The teriyaki chicken set goes for S$4.50 which comes with chicken, salad, watermelon, chawan mushi, miso soup and rice.

Pasta Planet

Pasta Planet’s Pasta 
Pasta Planet
505 Beach Road #01-82
Golden Mile Food Centre
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday; 12.15pm to 9pm on Sunday; closed on Tuesdays

Pasta Planet is a unique stall at Beach Road as it sells a wide range of pasta, from seafood pasta to vegetarian pasta.

Speciality dishes includes Pasta Cozze at $5, Pasta Arrabbiata at $3.50, Pasta Marinara at $6, Pasta Carbonara at $4.50 and Pasta Funghi at $4.50.  Must try dishes are Pasta carbonara, $4.50, and tomato bruschetta, $2.

Ayam Penyet @ Changi Village

Sri Bistari Nasi Ayam Penyet
Sri Bistari
Changi Village Famous Nasi Penyet
Blk 3 Changi Village Road #01-40
Tel: 96172446/96176360 (Mr Mohd Fadzil)
Opening Hours: 10am to 2am, daily

They have 4 other outlets, namely, Malay Village, Simei, Tampines and Beach Road.  Click their website to see the address and opening hours details.

“A new dish has over taken Nasi Lemak as the people’s favourite at Changi Village food centre. While there are at least five decent stalls still touting it, I counted at least six outlets now offering the latest craze there, Nasi Ayam Penyet.

It’s a traditional kampong staple from Indonesia and the last time I noticed, I suspect there are about 40 stalls all over our island selling this batter-less fried chicken on rice with a killer sambal and a pretty cherry tomato salad served on a traditional wooden platter.

Nasi Ayam Penyet means flat chicken rice. Mr Faisal Rashid set up the first specialist stall at Changi Village about two years ago after “ traveling through Jawa Timur in Indonesia and realized this dish could be a hit in Singapore.”

“The first thing my brother Fadzil and I did was to tweak the sambal. The Indonesian version has no sugar and we believe Singaporeans won’t like because of their familiarity with the sweeter nasi lemak sambal here.” So they added not one, but three types of sugars, “ Secret la, cannot tell you what sugars and how we use it but our spicy sambal has taste and fragrance of sweetness.” I pry for another secret, “ usually others don’t, but we pre-fry our belachan like the Nonyas, it gives better aroma”.

It’s strange, but their most important and secretive ingredient, which can make or break them, is doled out free, even when you ask for refills. But that’s the Singapore way, give them what they want, preferably free, and they’ll happily let you charge for what seems almost insignificant to them. It’s fair trade to them.

They believe that Nasi Ayam Penyat won’t be some fad as it has the same appeal Nasi Lemak has but is way healthier. Not a drop of coconut milk is involved and they use chicken flavoured, instead of plain rice.

And at $4.00 a portion which comes with a fried quartered chicken, done Indonesian style with spices and no batter, a plate of chicken flavoured rice, a fat dollop of sambal, chicken soup, a lettuce-cucumber and cherry tomato salad served on a thick wooden platter, it seems they are making an insignificant profit.

“My bother Fadzil don’t believe in charging a lot and don’t think people will pay more for it.”. Handling about two hundred fowls day at their Changi outlet is as much as the six staff and cooks can handle at the little outlet.

They actually have fourteen staff running this outlet on two shifts. Some of the bugbears of doing so is a high staff turnover and inconsistency in quality. So they hired a manager who does nothing but ensures all is smooth and recipes are adhered to but “ we don’t tell him the sambal recipe. We make it ourselves at night’, Faizal smiled, “also, we pay the staff 25% over market rate and it helps lower staff turnover.”

They are very successful, and as if to thank Providence for this blessing, they installed their parents as a middle-man chicken supplier, allowing them to pocket the takings. They even let customers refill their rice at no charge.

But what when the next round of bird flu fear comes a calling, “no problem” a prepared Faizal adds “ we also have the fried fish version, which now accounts for 25% of business. In fact, we will offer many types of fish, not just ikan kerapu, when chicken is not available.”

Note: The review was extracted from Makansutra.

Rich and Good Cake Shop

Shop Front Rich and Good Cake Shop Rich And Good Cake Shop Box Swiss Roll From Rich and Good Cake ShopKaya Swiss Roll Durian Swiss Roll
Rich and Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street
Tel: 6294 3324
Opening Hours: 8am to 5pm (dunno which days yet; will find out soon)

THIS shop isn’t in the heartlands, but it’s still not where you’d expect to get such delicious durian swiss rolls made with real D24 durians. Customers come from the far ends of the island to buy them.  They have also have other flavors like strawberry, pandan (see picture above), etc.

The bakery is now in its 16th year of business. Owner Lily Liu, 63, plans to pass on the shop to her children, in true heartlander fashion.

Cost is from S$10-S$12 for a box of 2 swiss rolls.

Post-Makan Note:
Finally I visited this shop on 18 March 2008 despite having seen a write-up on it sometime in September 2007.
It took me quite a while to find this shop and I almost walked past it coz if you’re walking along the five-foot walkway like I did, you will not be able to see the shop’s signboard unless you looked up.  It was fortunate for me that I saw first the no. 24 (indicating the shop’s address) then I looked up.
There were no other customers in the shop when I went in; owner was surfing on his laptop.  I was informed that there were only swiss rolls available but I did spot the durian puffs (6 small pieces for S$3.50).
I made my selection (2 rolls of durian and 2 rolls of mango; cost is S$6 per roll) from the shop’s see-through chillers and left the shop.  Owner informed me not to leave the swiss rolls out in the room temperature for more than 2 hours and definitely not in the car’s boot.  I agree with him as today’s weather is terribly hot and the cake will definitely not taste good if you put them in the boot.

Hurriedly I made another stop and quickly went home to dig into the swiss rolls. We “diced” up one of the 30cm durian rolls and sank our teeth into it. Hmmm….. the vanilla sponge roll was soft and the durian paste was not too thick.  Wish they had given me more durian paste in my roll but for S$6 for a 30cm durian swiss roll, I really shouldn’t be complaining! Overall, it had the melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Even without the durian paste, the swiss roll would have tasted real good on its own, I bet! Excellent value for money! Dad and I gave it the thumbs up and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into the mango roll the next day. We put the mango roll in the fridge and it tasted just as good as the durian roll except that the cream they used here is vanilla cream rather than mango paste.  You can even see bits of mangoes in the roll and it tastes great when you bit into it.  By the way, owner did mention not to keep the roll in the fridge for more than 3 days. So take note of that… but I seriously doubt the rolls can last for more than a day when they are so delicious! It tastes definitely rich and good!

Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat

Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat
#B1-20 Golden Mile Tower
Tel: 6298 5891 / 6293 5910
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

Try to ignore this eatery’s dank surroundings in an old shopping mall’s basement. It is actually considered a gem in the Singapore food scene. Set up almost 50 years ago in Middle Road, this is the last surviving Hainanese steamboat restaurant in town.

Invented by Hainanese immigrants in the 1950s, it uses clear chicken stock as soup and a heavy selection of seafood (fish maw, sea cucumber, cuttlefish, cockles) and beef meat and tripe. The highlight is its delicious chilli sauce, which is made from chilli, ginger, garlic, sour plum and just the right dollop of fermented beancurd. You can also get very good chicken rice here, which goes very well with the steamboat.

Expect to pay about S$18 for 2 – 3 people. And good luck in finding the place…. it’s the building next to Golden Mile Complex. And it’s at the basement.

Note: This review was extracted from ST Foodies Club.

Coca Steamboat

Coca Steamboat
#04-22 Ngee Ann City, Tel: 6734-7887
#02-05 International Building, Tel: 6738-2588
#02-28/30 The Concourse, Tel: 6295-3611

All outlets open between 11am and 11pm daily Price $16 – $18 per person for buffet lunch; $26 – $30 for buffet dinner, depending on which outlet.

First set up in 1987 in Chinatown, this franchise chain from a Thai restaurant group is most famous for its chilli sauce. It is made from a highly guarded secret recipe from Bangkok, which includes sesame seeds, coriander and a little soya sauce. This chain is also famous for being the first here to introduce “fish glue” – fish paste that turns delightfully chewy when cooked. Its meatballs, made from fish, prawn, beef and chicken, are also hand-made every morning at the outlets to ensure freshness. It offers two types of soup: chicken stock and tom yam.

  • If you pay using American Express credit card, you get 15% discount on total food bill. Offer is valid from 1 January to 30 June 2008.  Not valid on eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays and special occasions (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day).

Note: This review was taken from ST Foodies Club.

The Sweet Stone Parad’ice

Sweet Stone Parad’ice Liege Waffles Chocolate Fondue
The Sweet Stone Parad’ice 
#01-67 and #01-76
Golden Mile Food Centre
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 6pm, Mon & Wed; 11.30am to 9pm every other days

Offers home-made Liege Waffles (Authentic Belgian Waffles; S$1.80 each), ice cream (gelato @ S$1.80 a scoop), claypot chocolate fondue (with marshmallow & waffles) @ S$9.80 and royal claypot fondue (with waffles & fresh fruits; S$14.80 for 2 persons).

Note: This review was extracted from an article in the Business Times dated 26-27 May 2007.
Post-Makan Note:

It was with high hopes of good tasting desserts that I went to have my waffle and ice cream at the Sweet Stone Parad’ice on 18 March 2008.

I ordered the Set A (1 Belgian waffle with chocolate dip) (S$2.50) and the peppermint gelato (S$1.80 for about 1.5 scoop).

First reaction when I saw the size of the waffle was wah! so small!  It’s hardly more than 7cm in length and maybe 4cm in height (I didn’t bring a measuring tape so I can only estimate the size).  They heat up the pre-cooked waffle and cut it into small bite-size pieces for me and gave me a small bowl of Belgian chocolate dip.  The waffle was a bit crispy on the outside but some bits of it got stuck in my mouth as in the waffle wasn’t very cooked.  Probably this was due to the thickness of the waffle.  Nothing about the waffle got me very excited about it.

Now the chocolate dip is a different story.  It was thick and gooey and the chocolate taste was hmm…. not too bitter and not too sweet.  Would have preferred it to be more bitter but I guess most people will not like it.  Paying S$2.50 for the chocolate dip would have been worth it.  The chocolate dip tastes a lot like the one they use in Häagen-Dazs’ fondue.

The peppermint gelato also disappointed me.  It first caught my eye because it was whitish in color (not the usual green peppermint ice cream) and it had a layer of chocolate dusted on top of it.  I could even taste the ice crystals in the gelato and it has only a bare hint of peppermint.  No, I couldn’t taste the chocolate layer in the gelato either.  What I did was instead to put some of the chocolate dip into the gelato.

Overall, I would give the service an excellent thumbs up but the dessert could do better.