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Pawtobello Cafe & Pets Boutique

Pawtobello Logo Pawtobello Cafe Pawtobello Doggie Food Pawtobello Human Food
Pawtobello Cafe & Pets Boutique
No. 33 Mohd Sultan Road #01-04
Tel: 9am to 10pm
Tel: (65) 6887 4806

SINGAPORE: Restaurant Pawtobello is Singapore’s “dog-friendly” restaurant where dogs are allowed to accompany their owners inside.

It even has a dog menu just for canines. Pooches can choose to tuck into a variety of European dishes, including crepes and chicken rolls.

These dishes have been certified by a veterinarian as being healthy food for dogs.

In addition, the restaurant also offers its two-legged customers more than 50 dishes for breakfast, lunch, tea, high tea and dinner, and more than 25 different beverages.

The founders of the restaurant located at Mohammed Sultan Road are 3 sisters- Ye Lirong (41 years old), Ye Lijun (35 years old) and Ye Liyi (29 years old). When they realised that the restaurants in Singapore did not allow dogs inside the premises, they started thinking about setting up a “dog-friendly” restaurant that opens its doors to canines as well as people.

“In Paris, we can see dogs queuing up and waiting to go into high class restaurants and cafés with their owners. Furthermore, dogs and their owners can shop together at the stores in Strasbourg too,” Ye Lirong said.

According to them, the same is not true in China, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. In these countries, their dog wasn’t permitted to accompany them into the restaurants and shops.

The décor of Pawtobello is very European, with an antique 19th-century crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

The restaurant also houses a pet clothing store. The three sisters have stocked it with pet apparel and accesories from South Korea, Japan, Bangkok, New York and Australia. You can find dresses whose designs were inspired by Audrey Hepburn, glittering (and elegant) nightgowns as well as summer clothing among the doggy outfits.

Note: The above review was extracted from Sinchew dated 18 July 2007.

Urban Pooch Cafe

Urban Pooch Cafe Urban Pooch Cafe Grilled Honey Lamb Cubes Grilled Honey Chicken Cubes
Urban Pooch Cafe
530 Balestier Road #01-07, Monville Mansions
Tel: 6252 5046
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily, closed on Mondays

Situated at a secluded corner of Balestier Road, is an airy local doggie paradise that any puppy worth its whiskers would love to visit. Featuring a playroom, gourmet fare, a small canine art collection and friendly humans dying to make a fuss of you, what more could a pooch ask for?

Conceived after repeated refused entries into restaurants, owner Raye Tan decided that enough was enough. Together with friends, they promptly set up an establishment that would welcome dog owners. Including a separate doggie menu that had been assiduously concocted after much research and consultations with local vets, owners can even order up some special treats like the hugely popular Blueberry cake ($2.50) for their doggie companions, much to standing ovations of approving yelps and growls.

The human fare is pretty decent too, with the lusciously fresh and crunchy signature Urban Pooch salad ($6.50) and the bountiful selection of their Sampling Plate ($6.50). For a more filling meal, diners would be well-advised to tuck into the Teriyaki Chicken Steak on Rice ($10.80) and the BBQ Pork Chops ($12.80), wholesome meals with equally wonderful flavors.

Other animals are definitely welcome here, but as owner of this doggy dominated café, Raye Tan describes the other non-canine customers as “…cat comes in cage, cat stays in cage, cat leaves in cage…” Highly deserving of a big paws up, Urban Pooch is a must-visit for any diner, dog-lover or pooch alike.

Pictures shown above are for your doggies, not for human consumption. 😀

Note: This review was extracted from somewhere (I lost the link before I could copy it down).