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Nakhon Kitchen

Nakhon Kitchen
Blk 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-341
Tel: 62868785
Opening Hours: 10am to 11pm, daily

Saw the review in The New Paper on 18 March 2009 (,4136,196163,00.html).

Am “beo-ing” this place, so will put up my own review when I finally get there.

La Chasseur

Le Chasseur
31 New Bridge Road
Tel: 6337 7677
Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm daily

The name “Le Chasseur” brings to mind either French or Italian food but alas, you would be so disappointed when you realize it serves just home-cooked Chinese food (家常菜). 

My family and I went to this place on 4 March 2008 during lunch.  We tried the pig’s trotters in vinegar (dad’s favourite dish), stewed bitter gourd and the you tiao with sotong yesterday.  We also ordered 3 drinks and 3 bowls of rice to go with our meal and it costs us S$21.50. 

All dishes served at this eating place are in 1 standard size and the restaurant claims to have no MSG (Monosodium glutamate), no GST and no service charge. 

Dad said the pig’s trotters is not bad (although it’s not as good as Mum’s).  I am not a pig’s trotters fan, so I just basically go for the sauce.  The sauce is sourish enough (sour taste came from the vinegar) but I feel that it should be spicier (spicy taste should come from ginger and not chilli) to give it that oomph, so lacking in this dish.  This dish came with quite a few chopped up pieces of pig’s trotters in a claypot and cost S$7.50. 

The stewed bitter gourd costs us S$5.00 and came in a small bowl.  Portion was miserably little for 3 persons; but it should be ideal if you’re ordering for 1.  Taste-wise – the bitter gourd is soft but otherwise quite bland; no bitter taste of the bittergourd. 

Next, the you tiao (fried Chinese Crullers) with sotong (squid) – please, save your money for another dish.  This dish came out a bit cold.  Not only that, the you tiao was not crunchy and the sotong tasted bad.  Thumbs down for this dish! 

I ordered luo han guo (a kind of fruit – medicinal in nature) drink.  I don’t know if this drink is home made – but I’m guessing it should be because it is not sweet at all.  In fact, it was a bit bitter to the taste.  I guess all stuff that are good for your body always never tasted good.  The only good thing that we enjoyed for this lunch is the pig’s trotters. 

Next time we’re here, we’ll just stick to the pig’s trotters.  Overall prices at this eating place is a bit on the higher side – S$5 for hor fun/mee goreng, which I can easily get at S$3 elsewhere.  I also spotted a S$20 duck with salted veg soup!  Even egg omelette with tomato will set you back S$5. 

Taste-wise, they do not add MSG but I think the GST and service charges have already been included in the prices.

Otah and Nasi Lemak from Lee Wee & Brothers

Squid Otah Assam Fish Ikan Bilis
Lee Wee & Brothers Foodstuff Pte Ltd
Outlet 1:
Basement 1 Tangs Plaza
Tel: 6235 9122
Outlet 2:
#B1-K16 Tampines Mall
Tel: 6789 9122
Outlet 3:
Blk 209 Hougang St 21 #01-02
Hougang St 21 Market and Food Centre
Tel: 6280 9122
Outlet 4:
Blk 51 Old Airport Road #01-79
Tel: 6348 9122
Outlet 5:
Blk 254 Jurong East St 24 #01-33
Tel: 6565 9122
Outlet 6:
Blk 20 Ghim Moh Road #01-38
Tel: 6464 9122
Outlet 7:
Blk 90 Whampoa Drive #01-639
Tel: 6254 9122

I personally tried the otah from the stall’s outlet at Kovan FC (can’t remember the date).  What I loved about its otah is that if you ordered the prawns otah, you actually get a few small pieces of prawns; and if you ordered the squid otah, you actually get a few small slices of squid inside your otah.  You get the idea. 

And you would think like you have to pay more than S$1 to get a stick of otah like this.  Well, you can get it at S$0.60!!  Excellent value for money!

They also have nasi lemak, assam fish, ikan bilis, chilli sauce, etc. for sale at their stall. If you want, you can ask them to cater for you or even cater the food for your BBQ.  Check their website for pricing details and order form.

Inle Myanmar Restaurant

Inle Myanmar Restaurant Pickled Tea Leaves Salad Golden Century Egg Salad
Inle Myanmar Restaurant
#B1-07B Peninsular Plaza
Tel: 6333 5438
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm, daily

Peninsula Plaza, fondly hailed as Singapore’s ‘Burmese Mall’, houses not only little Myanmar stores but hides a serene Myanmar restaurant in its basement. Away from the prying eyes and heavy traffic of North Bridge Road, Inle Myanmar Restaurant is a 4-years old haven for the sizeable Myanmar community who misses home. From the ambience to the menu, Inle moulds a miniature Myanmar right in the heart of Singapore.

An appetiser of Pickled Tea Leaves Salad ($4) (see picture above) and hot Myanmar tea ($0.50) will be an excellent foray into Myanmar cuisine – a scintillating blend of sweet, sour and spicy. Myanmar tea leaves are preserved in oil and served with savoury nuts, white sesame seeds, dried shrimp, tomato slices, cabbage shreds, fresh Thai chilli and a special dressing in a salad that bursts forth with distinctively strong flavours. Pickled tea leaves are overwhelmingly salty at first taste, but become interestingly, tasty and addictive when paired with extremely crunchy nuts. The fragrance of tea leaves and sesame lingers on in your mouth until you take a draught from the steaming cup of hot Myanmar tea. Made from tea leaves roasted with rice, this drink imparts a light aroma of glutinous rice and cleanses your tongue of the salad’s taste, preparing it for the next mouthful of pickled tea leaves.

As savoury as the pickled tea leaves salad may be, you will do better with Inle’s signature Golden Century Egg Salad ($4.50) (see picture above) if you fancy sour dressings. Instead of the usual ominously black eggs we see in Chinese cuisine, Myanmar’s version surprises with a resplendent golden hue. Served with a surprisingly sour and spicy dressing, the golden century egg tastes less pungent than its ebony comrade. Wash down the starters with a glass of Inle’s fresh Tamarind Juice ($2.50), a mildly sweet drink that hides an underlying sour tinge – a guaranteed thirst quencher.

One should not miss the Moun Hin Ga ($5.50). This traditional Myanmar dish of rice noodles in fish gravy is as representative of Myanmar cuisine as laksa is of Singapore fare. Featuring the peculiar banana tree stem, this dish includes boiling tough banana tree stems slices for a full hour till it is soft and textured to the tongue. Rice noodles are heavy-laden with the goodness of the fish gravy that looks spicier than it really is, and reminiscent of Penang laksa . Inle recommends a side of Fried Gourd ($4.50) to further savour the tantalising fish gravy. Golden fried fritters hide a refreshing, green strip of marrow-long gourd, more commonly known as bu gyaw in Myanmar, complementing the fish gravy well.

Alternatively, the Fried Myanmar Tofu ($4.50) is ideal for an oily indulgence. Served with a tamarind dipping, the fried tofu triangles must be savoured hot to taste the contrast between the lightly fried skin and the creamy tofu goodness on the inside. Once you leave them to cool off, the tofu tastes bland and rather akin to sodden cotton wool. The world of difference in taste is determined within minutes, so this side should be more suited for a larger gathering (4 to 6 persons) where the otherwise delicious tofu triangles can be snapped up in a flash.

If you are someone who abhor anything fishy, the fish gravy is likely out of question for you, but settle for the Oun Nau Khau Hswe ($5.50), Inle’s curry noodles with chicken, which strangely tasted like a typical local curry chicken noodle. The yellow noodles are well-flavoured with the thick, aromatic curry gravy that tastes slightly sweet with only the slightest hint of spiciness. The chicken was, however, disappointingly drier than expected.

Forgo the chicken and enjoy the full curry goodness with Inle’s Myanmar Style Curry Pork ($5.50). Chunks of luscious pork, lined with fatty bits, are served in a dry curry that is made without the sinful coconut milk. As fat as the pork may be, the meat is well stewed and carries a full-bodied spice aroma of this lip-smacking curry.

A typical meal at Inle can be very filling but one must not leave without tasting the Hpa Lu Da . Seek solace in the comfort of vanilla ice cream, grass jelly, agar agar, sago, atap seeds, nata de coco and egg pudding in this all-time favourite Myanmar dessert. Inle hand-makes their egg pudding, a highly popular item on their menu, which carries custard-like taste with a firm texture.

Their full menu can be seen from their website.

  • If you pay using UOB Credit Card, with a minimum spending of S$30, you get 10% off your food bill.  AND if it’s your birthday month, present your I/C and get a complimentary dessert on the house.
Note: This review was extracted from
Post-Makan Note:

I visited this place with my family on 6 Dec 2007.  We ordered various dishes and mango salad was one of them.  If you’re really fond of Thai mango salad like we do, don’t ever order this dish as the Myanmar’s version is made up of soft mango instead of the crunchy ones we’re used to in Thai mango salad.

The curry chicken set was interesting. The curry is more like our rendang instead of the local curry dish that we’re used to. This dish is also much oilier than our rendang.

A set meal consisting of curry chicken, rice, a small bowl of soup costs less than S$7.  Add another S$1.50 if you’re ordering the set for a drink, else it’ll cost something like S$3.

They also have a dessert resembling our chendol except that it doesn’t have gula melaka and comes with 4 tiny pieces of bread.

Overall, food was nice; except that it’s oilier and dessert is sweeter than what I would like it to be.

Coral Village Bistro

Curry Fish Set Coral’s Curry Fish Head
Coral Village Bistro
269 Beach Road
Tel: 6297 9453
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 1.00am, daily

The food here’s pretty tasty, and offers good value for money, especially their daily special lunch deals (set lunches) that ranges from curry chicken to fish fillet (lemon sauce). Of cause a-la-carte offerings range from zhi cha style (think yee mee, hor fun) to fancier black pepper vermicelli.

The fish head curry here is also recommended.  Or if you are not a fish head person, you can order their curry fish set.

  • For American Express Card holders (offer is valid from 1 January to 31 December 2008), you get 15% savings on a-la-carte food menu (dinner); not valid on eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays and special occasions (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day) and for dine-in only.

  • For UOB Credit Card (offer is valid until 31 Dec 2008), you get:-
    • 15% savings on a-la-carte food menu (for dinner only); 
    • free dessert with minimum spending of S$200.00;
    • first house pour drink is free at The Cove; and
    • Complimentary Birthday Buns for birthday.

Express Food Delivery

Express Food Delivery 
511 Guillemard Road #02-27
Grandlink Square
Singapore 399849
Tel: 6747 4368 Fax: 6747 4113
Opening Hours: 11am to 2am everyday except on the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month


I know they have been around for a very long time.  This company specializes in food & fruits from Geylang.  Yes, they do deliver durian! and even rambutan, lychee & longans! Wow! They even have bubble tea for those who have the craving for it. 

And fear not! They have food from Chinese to Malay to Indian to vegetarian.  If you’re tired of ordering tingkat dinner, you might want to try their set dinner too.

If the order is less than S$15, an additional charge of S$2 will be imposed.

Hooked on Heads

Hooked On Heads BBQ Stingray Fish  
Hooked on Heads
#01-01/02 Sin Ming Plaza Tower 2
Tel: 6455 4948
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 2.30pm (lunch) & 6pm to 9.30pm (dinner), daily

This is not the mee siam I’m used to. The version that I love, nurtured over many years in sweaty school canteens, is sweet, tangy, with a watery gravy, and measly slices of egg with – if you’re lucky – more yolk than white. So it was a little startling when I ordered my favourite Malay beehoon dish at Hooked On Heads restaurant in Sin Ming Plaza. It arrived looking like a bowl of curry, with thick, orangey gravy, three small shrimp, a dollop of delicious sambal, and – check this out – a whole hard-boiled egg.

At first slurp, it was wonderfully tangy but offering none of its sweetness I was expecting. Instead, its gravy was almost nutty with hints of curry. My instinct was to push the bowl away and retreat to the nearest hawker centre for something more familiar. But after a few more spoonsfuls, I thought: “I could get used to this.” And before I knew it, I had polished off the entire bowl. It turned out that this is a Peranakan version of mee siam, which explained its richer, more complex taste.

At $3.80 per bowl, it is one of the cheapest items on the menu of this newly opened restaurant. Specialising in spicy local fare, highlights include fish head curry (from $18), curry chicken ($5.80), black pepper beef ($8), sayur lodeh ($5) and barbecue stingray ($10). The signature dish, fish head curry, was beautifully done. It arrived in a big claypot with succulent fish submerged in a delicious simmering sauce.

Owner Thomas Leow, 46, said the recipe for mee siam, as well as the other main dishes, were family secrets passed down from his mother. The rempah (Malay for punded spices) for mee siam is made from at least 10 ingredients and slow-cooked for two hours. Its components include peanuts and sesame seeds, which are ground into a fine paste, as well as evaporated milk and coconut milk. Mr Leow, a former life insurance agent, ran an outdoor catering business for 12 years and decided to open a restaurant last year. To make sure that the recipes are not leaked to outsiders, he roped in his brother Tony, a 39-year-old trained chef, as head cook.

Intent to make this an affordable, family-friendly restaurant, Mr Leow has introduced a slew of promotions. From Feb 15, he offers a $19.80 set meal for two to four people, which comprises fish head curry, a vegetable dish, a bean curd or omelette item and rice. This is good value considering that the dishes’ combined prices is $34. There is also personal set lunches at $4.80 or $5.80.

Click Hooked On Heads Menu to see their complete menu.

Note: This review was extracted from the Hooked on Head’s webpage.

Na Na Homemade Curry

Na Na Homemade Curry
Tanjong Pagar Food Court
Level 4
165 Tanjong Pagar Road
Amara Shopping Centre (next to Amara Hotel)

Anybody who eats with me would know that I’m crazy about this Na Na Homemade Curry.  I’ve been eating there for at least 10 years already.  Their standard has remained the same except that they make their curries less spicy these days, probably to suit the majority.

They offer mutton curry, fish curry, and vegetable curry, but the best-selling one has got to be the chicken curry (which has 2 pieces of chicken and a potato soaked in the heavenly curry), which goes for S$3.50 (including 1 rice or 1 plate of toasted french bread).

They usually start from 11am from Mondays to Saturdays and closes at about 2-3pm, depending on that day’s sales.  They’re not open on Sundays and public holidays and if the public holiday falls on a Saturday, they will not open on the following Monday too.