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Jones The Grocer

Pork Sausages Tapas Stilton Blue Cheese Tapas Portobello Mushrooms Tiramisu Cake Rogers Beer
Jones The Grocer
Blk 9 #01–12 Dempsey Road
Tel: 6476 1512
Opening Hours: 9.30am to 6pm, Mondays and 9.30am to 11pm, Tuesdays to Sundays

We first visited Jones the Grocer a few months back but as it was after our dinner, we had a walk about the store just to see the range of products that they had.

We loved what we saw, so bf and I went to Jones the Grocer on 16 Apr 2008 to have dinner.  Now, my 1st gripe of the evening started.  Not so much their fault I guess since they do not know if I’m a grocery shopper or diner.  But the waiters at the front door could at least be friendlier.  I had to approach them to ask for a table for 2 and they just told me that it was free-seating.  It being a Wednesday evening, there wasn’t much of a crowd, so we managed to get a nice table to ourselves.

Then my 2nd gripe began.  The menu was not as extensive as we expected it to be.  Given its wide range of pastas, sauces, herbs and all, we expected the menu to be wow! Instead, they had about only 8 main dishes on the menu, out of which 2 were pastas. And mind you, Jones the Grocer does not handle special requests.  For example, we wanted aglio olio (something which we thought would have been easily done since they had all the raw ingredients there) but the answer was “sorry, we can’t do that for you.  There are only 2 pasta dishes on the menu.”  Then I didn’t want peas on my pork sausages and the answer was again “sorry ma’am, we can’t separate the peas.”  Geez!

In the end, we finally settled on our order and we had pork sauages with mashed potato, peas and onions in caramelized gravy (S$21.50), tapas stilton blue cheese & tea soaked figs (S$9.50), tapas baked mushrooms with rocket salad (S$7.00), tiramisu (S$8.50), 1 glass of Pegasus Finale (S$12.00) and 1 bottle of Little Creatures Rogers beer (S$10.00).

Don’t ever order the pork sausages unless you like boiled pork sauages which has a strong taste of pig liver and an unnatural sourish taste (something like spoilt food) in it.  It would have probably tasted better if it’s sliced and then char-grilled with stronger sauce to mask the liver taste.  Definitely a please do not ever try!

The tapas stilton blue cheese & tea soaked figs was a much better choice.  It was my first time tasting blue cheese and I must say I enjoyed it immensely.  The cheese was saltish and you can actually taste a hint of a flavour that’s something like yeast.  Very smooth and creamy and the cheese taste isn’t that overpowering.  BUT the cheese didn’t go too well with the biscuits we were served (can’t remember which type of biscuits it was).  Could have done better with crispbread instead.  It was also my first time tasting tea soaked figs – you can’t taste the tea in the figs but what you get are soft figs.  Still, this dish is definitely much better than the pork sauages.

The tapas baked portebello mushrooms with rocket salad was another disappointment.  I don’t think the mushrooms were baked but boiled.  They even boiled the rocket salad which really spoilt the taste.  Am not too sure what type of cheese they put on top of the mushrooms but it was certainly bland and did nothing much to enhance the flavour of this dish.  The only thing I loved about this dish was that you could smell the portebello mushrooms as the dish was being served. 

The tiramisu was again another disappointment.  We were served tiramisu cake not the tiramisu dessert.  Too much cream and too little rum in this cake made it a huge disappointment.  I was so looking forward to having a good tiramisu dessert.

The glass of Pegasus Bay Finale was a delight for me.  I love dessert wines and this one didn’t disappoint me.  This wine came from New Zealand and it has a golden hue with hints of dried apricots, peaches, honey, scorched almonds and an aroma of beeswax.  Overall, a sweet and rich wine.

The bottle of Little Creatures: Rogers beer is a smooth drinking amber ale with an interesting mix of malts.  An Australian beer with a very strong taste of something like saffron.  Very different from the local beers that we’re used.

Service is not attentive at all; we were given a single glass of plain water when we first sat down.  No refill of the water glass at all even though the crowd was very sparse.  True, we did call the waitress a few times to place different orders but not once, did she top up our water glass.  Used cutleries were cleared pretty fast but as we had ordered more dishes, no replacement of the earlier cutleries were given and we had to take them from the seats beside us.

Overall, bad experience at Jones the Grocer.  I don’t think I’ll attempt another trip back to eat here, and if you must, I would recommend having a go at the tapas (although it’s a hit or miss) or having the cheese platter (S$19.50).  Choose from a list of Australian or New Zealand wines with a sprinkle of French wine.  I think we’ll be better off buying the premium raw ingredients from here and then troop off home to cook.

Relish by Wild Rocket

Relish Burger 2 Relish Burger
#02-01 Cluny Court (next to Serene Centre)
501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760
Tel: 6763 1547
Opening Hours: Noon – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm, Mon to Fri; Noon – 11pm, Sat & Sun

Relish, the latest addition to the wild rocket family is a casual chic joint dedicated to burgers. Besides the very popular wild rocket burger with sun-dried tomato relish and the classic bacon and cheese burger, there will be other mouth-watering creations like the BBQ charsiew soft-bone pork open foccacia burger, a garam masala lamb and mint hummus pita burger and even a portebello tofu burger with eggplant salsa.


This review was extracted from Relish’s website.  What got me excited and wanting to visit this place is its bacon and cheese burger.  Reminds me of the days when McDonalds was selling bacon cheeseburger.  *salivating already*

Crazy Ang Mo

Crazy Ang Mo Crazy Burger 
Crazy Ang Mo
Blk 279 Bishan St 24 #01-62/64
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm, Mondays to Thurdays; 11am to 11pm, Fridays; 8am to midnight, Saturdays; 8am to 9pm, Sundays

WHENEVER Bishan resident Paul Crinis greeted his neighbours with a boisterous: ‘Hello, how you doing?’ they would mutter in Hokkien, ‘Siow ang mo’.

So he’s gone and named his Western food stall what they call him: Crazy Ang Mo.

The three-week-old stall, located in a bright, clean, recently-refurbished coffee shop in Bishan Street 24, has been packing them in with its Australian-style menu.

There’s sausages and chips, chicken schnitzel and chips, fish and chips, steak and chips and burger and chips.

A word about the chips: Unless you order the steak, which comes with proper steak chips, you get crinkle cut fries.

Forget crinkle. Add $1 to the main meal and get the steak chips instead. They are the most crisp-on-the-outside, fluffy-on- the-inside thick cut potato chips ever to emerge from a deep fryer. You can also order a basket of them for $2.50. I urge you to do it.

The steak ($11.90) was overdone when I had it and the chicken schnitzel ($6.90) was dry and hard, but I’m still going back there.

For one, the fish and chips ($6.50) is delicious. Dory fillets are encased in a thin, very crisp shell that manages not to be oil-logged. The tartar sauce tastes pretty good, although I’d prefer a more vinegary kick.

And instead of the obligatory Western food stall scoop of dodgy coleslaw, I got a proper salad with tomatoes and upmarket radicchio, a red-leafed, slightly bitter vegetable.

Mr Crinis, 34, who is also a tennis coach, came here from Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, about seven years ago.

Now a Singapore permanent resident, he is married to Singaporean Ong Bee Ling, 33. They have a five-year-old daughter, La-Mia, who sometimes shouts out to customers when their orders are ready.

He says: ‘I miss eating Aussie food and I knew there was a market for it. If people will eat McDonald’s burgers, they’ll eat mine.’

They should order the Crazy Burger With The Lot ($7.90), the best item on the menu.

The ‘burger with the lot’ is practically an Australian institution, with a beef patty, bacon, a fried egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese and – here’s what makes it so fun to eat – slices of canned beetroot and a pineapple ring.

I like Crazy’s juicy patty, made in-house with Aussie beef. Everything comes together perfectly – the beetroot provides a zingy footnote, and the pineapple ring, with cheese melted into it, some sweetness.

Don’t leave without ordering the Banana Pudding ($3.90), which is light, full of ripe bananas and crunchy walnut pieces and topped with gooey caramel.

This dessert is served with some sliced kiwi fruit and the biggest scoop of vanilla ice cream I’ve ever seen.

It is literally the size of a tennis ball. And it is sprinkled with crunchy chocolate pieces. You’d be crazy to miss it.

Note: This review was extracted from ST Foodies Club.


#B2-40/41 Vivo City

The team at Superdog, a new concept fast food restaurant at VivoCity, believes that even if you must have your food fast, you shouldn’t compromise on its quality. So instead of commercialised frozen meats, you get premium quality burgers and hotdogs, made using fresh patties and sausages and hand-grilled upon order.

Said the restaurant’s strategic marketing director, Veron Ng: “Our emphasis is on freshness. All our meat patties and sausages, including our buns and sauces, are made fresh. First-time customers may ask us how different we are from the usual fast food outlets but once they take a bite, they’ll feel the difference.”

Diners get to choose from American or European style hotdogs. From the American range, I’d recommend the bacon chilli cheese dog ($5.80), served with premium beef hotdog and streaky bacon, and topped with onions, cheese and Superdog Chili — a special homemade sauce concocted from 16 types of ingredients.

The European hotdogs — German Bratwurst, Spicy Italian and Polish — are served with baguette.

From the burger menu, I loved Superdog’s fresh chicken burger ($4.20), made using tender and fresh grilled chicken thigh.

Wham! Burger

Double Whammy
Wham! Burger
B1-22, China Square Food Centre
Tel: 9008 0604 (Wendy)
Opening Hours: 10am to 3pm, Mon to Sat
(I only saw a sign that says “This is our last day here. Thanks!” with no indication of where they moved to or whether they are continuing the business at all.)

Imagine for S$4.80, you get a thick slice of beef patty (which is seasoned and juicy), lettuce sandwiched between 2 seasame buns. Is that good value for money or what?

Or if a single patty can’t satisfy you, I dare you to order the Double Whammy(see picture above). Double Whammy! with cheese will cost you S$8.50.  And for an additional S$1.30, you get an egg and sauteed Portabello mushroom.

They also have chicken fillet burger which is a whole chicken thigh fillet marinated in a mild Satay marinade (S$4.80). Or if you like fish, they also offer crispy fish burger (dory fish for S$5.80) for you.

If you want a side to go with your burgers, go for the Combi (S$5.80) which will get you a burger (excludes Double Whammy!) and a side.  Choose your side from potato salad, chilli con carne, raisin coleslaw, crinkle cut fries or onion rings.  Sides on their own cost from S$1.50 to S$2.00.

Botak Jones

Cajun Chicken U Crazy Wat Chilli Dawg 

Check Botak Jones’ website at for the locations and opening hours.

 The website says it all, “Damn Good Food at a Damn Good Price” – Authentic American Food.  Need I say more? Go check them out!

Post-Makan Note:

I finally went to their Clementi outlet on 10 Oct 2007 to try their food.  I had the Cajun chicken and originally, I wanted to try their apple pie but alas! They didn’t have it.  So I tried their Mango Tango cheesecake.  First I got their menu from the counter which is printed on yellow A4 paper (they even have the menu in Chinese which is printed on the blue A4 paper). Then I joined the queue.  One of their staff will approach you to ask which table you’re sitting at (please note that all the tables are not numbered, so there’s no way you can tell which table you’re sitting at except to point it out to their staff).  She’ll magically write a number on a small piece of paper.  With this piece of paper, present it to another staff who will take your order.  What I love most is that the staff know their food very well and can make excellent recommendations.  At the cashier, they also ask if they want a larger portion of fries at no extra charge! But take it only if you think you can finish all the food (I’ve seen a lot of sides like the coleslaw and fries being dumped into the rubbish bin; such a waste!).

You’ll also be told how long you need to wait for your food (of course I’ll wait for my food; having been in the queue for 20 minutes already! Duh! But it’s good to know though. :P).  You’ll also be asked your name and you may then proceed to your seat.  Another staff will come along in a couple of minutes, verify your order and put the relevant condiments (I got tomato sauce, chilli sauce and mustard) on your table.  Then comes the long wait for your food.

Another interesting bit about Botak Jones is I didn’t even pay for my food until I’m almost through with my dessert.  Another staff (I think they have an army of staff there coz I saw different staff for different needs) came over and ask if I could settle the bill and took my money and gave me my change back. 

Overall, I give the food 8 thumbs up for its quality, quantity and excellent service despite it being in a coffeeshop (1 thumb less coz I asked for my cheesecake to be served immediately but they only gave it to me after I finished my main course and 1 thumb less because the cheesecake was too ordinary).  GST and service charge is already added to the price shown on the menu. And yes, the food looks exactly like that in the menu, which you can view from their website.  I’ll definitely be back, bringing more pple next time.  My parents are my next target!

Note: Thanks to Charlene for the recommendation! 😀