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Penang Place

Penang Place 
Penang Place
6 International Business Park #01-05
Atrium Building (off Boon Lay Way)
Singapore 609918
Tel: 6899 9446
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 2.00pm (lunch) and 6.30pm to 9.00pm (dinner); Closed on Sundays

Went to this place for lunch one fine working day and first impression simply didn’t gel with the quality of food here.

First impression was hmm… ordinary. Got the feeling that it’s a Peranakan Jack’s Place. Went round the buffet table and ok, not too bad a spread for a weekday lunch.

Being at a Penang makan place, of course I had to try the char kway teow, the Penang laksa and the chendol.  These are after all the “die die must try” dishes when you are at Penang.

And oh boy, I must say that the char kway teow here is the most authentic Penang char kway teow that I’ve eaten in Singapore. It’s truly like having the same dish at Penang. Not oily, not spicy and don’t have too much of the black sauce that you find in normal char kway teow in Singapore. One helping is never enough of this good stuff.

The Penang laksa here is good but not as tasty as the ones that they serve at Chilli Padi.  It doesn’t have the oomph that I was looking for – a bit bland and not enough of the prawn paste (heh koh).

Chendol chendol chendol – I always love the chendol that they serve in Malaysia because of the pandan jellies.  The ones that they serve in Singapore are the dark green ones and has the plastic-like look that I never liked.  The ones that they serve at Penang Place here are the same ones that they serve in Malaysia – light green and has that tinge of pandan taste.  You basically have to make your own chendol (like all buffets).  The red beans that they served here are the big ones (small kidney like), but since I am not a red beans person, I typically skipped that stuff.  I had literally 2 full bowls of the chendol – just like the ones that they serve in Penang.

Don’t try the otah at this place – it simply does not taste nice.  They attempt to make it like the Thai otah by steaming their otahs but the coconut simply overwhelms the otah.

I managed to squeeze 1 seasame chicken – I couldn’t taste much of the seasame but the chicken drumstick is crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Since I am a small eater and I think I did very well by eating quite a fair bit, I wasn’t able to stuff any more of their food in.  But am happy coz I had a taste of Penang here at home. Now I don’t have to fly to Penang any more to fulfill my char kway teow/chendol cravings. Overall, great but there are hits and misses.  Just simply enjoy those that you love.  🙂

If you are not a buffet fan, they also have ala-carte dishes available, so you can always order from the menu.

Prices are reasonable –  S$19.80++ for weekday lunch and S$21.80++ for weekday dinner.  Add another S$2 if you are dining on Saturdays, Public Holidays eve nights and on Public Holidays.

Vienna International Seafood & Teppanyaki Restaurant

Vienna International Seafood & Teppanyaki Restaurant
101 Thomson Road #B1-01
United Square
Singapore 307591   
Tel: (65) 6254 6686
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 3.00pm (lunch) & 5.30pm to 10.00pm (dinner)

We had lunch here on 28 February 2009 (Saturday), thanks to a friend of bf’s who brought us here.

The name of the restaurant is quite deceiving as Vienna is the capital of Austria, and one would expect it to serve Austrian food.  But the rest of its name says “Teppanyaki Restaurant”.  Quite confusing, I must say.

But man! The buffet spread is a sight for sore eyes! Even at lunch, they serve sashimi, sushi, cold dishes such as oysters, scabis, crayfish, smoked salmon, pepper crab, oyster vegetables, clams, etc. For desserts, you can choose ice cream, cakes (American Cheese Cake, Blackforest Cake, Mango Passion, Tiramisu, Fudge, etc.), yang sheng jelly, etc.  Inclusive in the price are free flow of drinks (you can choose either soft drinks or juices – not fresh fruit juice but the cordial kind) and each diner gets a bowl of “Buddha jumps over the wall” soup (I put this in inverted commas as it’s not the real thing but quite tasty).

Now I know why the place was packed on the Saturday afternoon and we were lucky to get a place even though we had no reservations. I must say that the price you pay for is quite good value for money.  Don’t expect high-end quality.  Freshness of the sashimi is also acceptable.

Check the website for the menu details.  If I paste them all here, it’ll make this entry too lengthy.  This will be one place that I will be visiting again soon!

The Dessert Symphony

Dessert Symphony
The Dessert Symphony
Level 4, Atrium Lounge
Marina Mandarin Hotel
Tel: 6845 1111
Opening Hours: 8pm to Midnight, every Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holiday

If you love all things sweet, this should be music to your ears. Marina Mandarin’s Atrium Lounge Dessert Symphony is a premium buffet of desserts featuring delicacies such as Crepes Suzette and Cherry Jubilee in addition to sweets you can drink to — think red-wine popsicles and vodka poached pears.

Those who prefer to go local can try Asian favourites such as apom with pisang mas and coconut sorbet, durian sago melaka and many more.

The Dessert Symphony is available on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays from 8pm to midnight at S$28++ per person.


This review was extracted from dated 23 February 2008.  Ok, we were so excited about having a dessert buffet (our first time).  We were literally salivating already when we reached the Atrium Lounge.  I mean it’s already 8pm and we haven’t had our dinner.

BUT what a disappointment when we saw the spread!  At a glance, you can see a “variety” of 12 desserts at most.  Most of them were in bite size forms or in the soup spoons.  True, they were laid out beautifully on a single table.  And they did promise fresh crepes made on the spot.  I spotted macarons and some other bite sized cakes.

We did an about turn and got the hell out of there.  We were certainly not going to be paying the princely sum of S$32 for a spread that I can easily get at any hotel buffet which serves main courses and appetisers with desserts.

Well, if you don’t mind paying for quality, I suppose yes, you can drop by the Atrium Lounge and have a go at the buffet.  But I for sure will not be stepping in unless they give me more variety.


Yuki Yaki

Steamboat 2 Steamboat 1  
Yuki Yaki
#03-2110 Marina Square
Tel: 6737 9680
Opening Hours: 12 noon to 9pm daily
#02-11 Orchard Cineleisure
Tel: 6737 9680
Opening Hours: 12 Noon to 10.30pm, Sun to Thu; 12 Noon to 2am, Fri, Sat & Public Holidays

Yuki Yaki introduces the first Do-It-Yourself steamboat, Teppanyaki & Ice Cream Buffet, bringing you into a era of new age dining.

Each table in Yuki Yaki is equipped with two in-built stoves for steamboat and teppanyaki. Diners can enjoy a wide selection of more than 90 mouth watering food items. Seafood items like half shell scallops, mussels, sea cucumber, salmon, prawns, cuttlefish etc. Meat items like beef, chicken, lamb, pork etc. Yong Tau Foo items and fresh vegetables and many more.

After one enjoys its main course, its’ time for deserts! The Teppanyaki Pan is thoroughly cleansed by the service staff and the thermostat adjusted to a cold temperature, ready for ice cream making. Choose from a generous variety of ice cream flavours and your can start enjoying your ice cream. Truly a revolutionized experience.

It sounds fun but the one thing I don’t like about this restaurant is that they impose on me a time frame.  2.5 hours if I order a buffet with ice cream and 2 hours if it’s without ice cream.

Coca Steamboat

Coca Steamboat
#04-22 Ngee Ann City, Tel: 6734-7887
#02-05 International Building, Tel: 6738-2588
#02-28/30 The Concourse, Tel: 6295-3611

All outlets open between 11am and 11pm daily Price $16 – $18 per person for buffet lunch; $26 – $30 for buffet dinner, depending on which outlet.

First set up in 1987 in Chinatown, this franchise chain from a Thai restaurant group is most famous for its chilli sauce. It is made from a highly guarded secret recipe from Bangkok, which includes sesame seeds, coriander and a little soya sauce. This chain is also famous for being the first here to introduce “fish glue” – fish paste that turns delightfully chewy when cooked. Its meatballs, made from fish, prawn, beef and chicken, are also hand-made every morning at the outlets to ensure freshness. It offers two types of soup: chicken stock and tom yam.

  • If you pay using American Express credit card, you get 15% discount on total food bill. Offer is valid from 1 January to 30 June 2008.  Not valid on eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays and special occasions (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day).

Note: This review was taken from ST Foodies Club.

Sakura, International Buffet Restaurant

Sakura Sakura 1st Storey Food Area 2nd Storey Food Area
Opening Hours: 12 Noon to 2.30pm (lunch) & 6pm to 9.30pm (Dinner), Daily

They have 8 outlets over in Tampines Safra, Toa Payoh, Pasir Ris (halal), Jurong Town Hall, Clementi Road (halal), Orchard Road (halal), Marine Parade & Jurong West (halal).  Check their website for details (look under the heading “Subsidiary”).

Buffet prices are:-

  • Lunch (Weekdays): S$21.40
  • Dinner (Weekdays): S$25.65
  • Kids (Weekdays): S$11.65
  • Lunch (Weekdays – Orchard Outlet Only): S$23.55
  • Dinner (Weekdays – Orchard Outlet Only): S$27.80
  • Kids (Weekdays – Orchard Outlet Only): S$12.75
  • Add additional S$2.15 for weekends, eve and public holidays

For the prices you pay above, you will get up to 100 different varieties of Japanese, Western and Oriental foodfare everyday. To briefly entice you, appetizers include baked oysters, lobster salad, mussels, cold prawns and sashimi. The main entrees encompass an assortment of dim sum, Teppanyaki (including lamb chop, salmon and beef, etc.), tempura and grilled items. A wide selection of mouth-watering sushi will also be prepared for all consummate sushi fans. Last but not least, deserts such as cheesecakes, fruits, ice cream and beverages complete the buffet with a satisfying touch.

Update on 10 March 2008:

After a 2-year hiatus from eating at Sakura, we finally made our way to the one at Clementi Woods on 10 March 2008.  How dining works here is that you pay at the counter on the 3rd level and then you will proceed to either Level 1 or 2  for your seating.  On your table, you will see some small clothes pins which has your table number printed on them.  These you can use to order some of the dishes that require some cooking time, eg. fried vegetables, seafood, satay, otah, squid, tau pok, etc. which will then be served to your table once it is ready, which basically saves you waiting time.  Excellent idea I must say!

First the price almost crushed us.  It used to be S$22 nett but now we have to pay S$24+ (which amounted to S$25.65) per person.

Then we were appalled by the drop in food quality and some of the missing good food such as the paper-pot steamboat with live prawns, frozen strawberry with stuffed yoghurt in it.

I ordered the dou miao with abalone and some bamboo shellfish with black pepper  – both were served cold, although they were prepared on the spot.  Portions are tiny – although this is alright with me as I can go for unlimited rounds.  But because quality is not good, I never went for seconds.

Another of my used-to-be favourite dessert was their durian cream puff.  Used-to-be favourite now because the pastry is hard and you can hardly taste the durian paste.  Thumbs down!

I’ve always skipped the dim sum, pizza and pasta corners because having tried them once, the quality was really bad even way back then.  I think it is unlikely that they have improved.

Skip the deep fried stuff at table no. 7 (refer to 1st storey food area map above).  Deep fried stuff must always be eaten hot – if it’s cold, it really tastes bad.

I also tried the oat prawns at table no. 13 – the prawns are not fresh and because the prawns had been deep fried earlier, the crunchiness was seriously lacking.

Sushi and Sashimi were still good – I had unlimited helpings of salmon & tuna.  You can also try their silverfish sashimi but my friend said it tasted a bit fishy, so I gave that a skip.  They also have other sushi – but I’m a bigger sashimi fan.  Standard here remains the same, although I noticed that there were more varieties of sushi available this time.  You can also have edamame (a green vegetable more commonly known as a soybean – usually boiled and lightly salted).

Another item that I love very much is the laksa (from table no. 5).  The gravy was thick and tasted great! It was served in small bowls but again, since this is a buffet, you can have as many bowls as you want.

You can also have free flow of beverages – soft drinks, green tea, brewed coffee, etc.  Also, do try the ice cream with the various toppings – great fun for the kids.

Unfortunately, I am very unlikely to visit this restaurant again – memories of good and cheap food that I had here are alas just a memory.  Still, for the price we paid and the varieties they serve, if you don’t mind quality but want quantity, you can always drop by this restaurant.  By the way, it’s halal so you can also invite your Muslim friends there.  But please note that not all Sakura restaurants are halal, so do check their website for details.

Jade Room Restaurant – Tropical Peking-Style Steamboat Buffet

Jade Room Restaurant
Jade Room Restaurant
#02-01 Hotel Royal
36 Newton Road
Tel: 6251 8135, 6254 8587, 6254 8603
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 3pm; 6.30pm to 11pm

Diners can choose from 32 items, including sea cucumber, fresh prawns and peking dumpling, which they then cook steamboat style. The dipping sauce in particular stands out. For those who want more, 10 cooked dishes are also available.

Prices are unbelievably good value for money:-

  1. Lunch: $13.80+++(adult) and $9+++(child) (weekdays)
  2. Lunch: $16.80+++(adult) and $9+++(child) (weekends, eves and public holidays)
  3. Dinner: $18.80+++(adult) and $12+++(child) (weekdays)
  4. Dinner: $19.80+++(adult) and $12+++(child) (weekends, eves and public holidays)

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
Level 3, Quality Hotel
201 Balestier Road
Tel: 6254 0090
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 3pm (lunch) & 6pm to 10pm (dinner)

Indulge in a lavish banquet that features an attractive spread of dishes, mostly handmade, for its buffet lunches and dinners. Savour the flavours of the wide range of Taiwanese vegetarian cuisine, which amazingly, remains creative and unique despite its variety. Make a pit stop at their “Dian Xin” Corner and revel in a sumptuous spread of “Dianxin” in Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Japanese styles. Don’t miss their weekend “eat-all-you-can” buffet lunches and dinners comprising of over 100 delicious varieties of cooked food. For those who prefer the homely aroma of wholesome soups, they would appreciate the painstakingly prepared stewed herbal soups. A bonus is that food is prepared avoiding deep frying methods, perfect for the health-conscious.

There is also an ice-cream station to which you can help yourself to unlimited servings. Free-flow beverages are also self-service. Available are a variety of soda, hot coffee, tea, and Chinese tea.

For a non-vegetarian like me, I truly enjoyed the cuisine that they served here. It’s so tasty you wouldn’t believe it’s vegetarian. Personally, I really love their dianxin. A die-die must try would be their soup in puff  pastry. Be fast… once the bowls of soup leave the kitchen, they disappear in a blink of an eye. Oh, you should also try their Japanese handroll.  Yummy!

Ellenborough Market Cafe

Ellenborough Market Cafe Kueh Pie Tee
Ellenborough Market Cafe
Level 1, Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel
20 Merchant Road
Tel: 6337 2288
Opening Hours: 7am to 10.30am (breakfast), Noon to 2.30pm (lunch) & 6.30pm to 10.30pm (dinner)

Located on level one, this cafe is reminiscent of a traditional eatery in the early days of Singapore. Enjoy a delectable selection of all-time local favourites and international cuisine. The Ellenborough Market Cafe is synonymous with Peranakan cuisine – a cuisine so unique, one can only sample it in this part of the world. Choose to dine indoors, surrounded by old-world charm, or dine al fresco-style by the riverside promenade.

Must try items at this buffet is definitely the durian pengat (a sweet concoction of durian mousse) and their slipper lobster in black bean sauce. Don’t forget to try the kueh pie tee (bite sized “top hats” filled with turnip, egg, and prawn with sweet chili sauce (optional)) which is freshly made on the spot (meaning they put the ingredients into the kueh pie tee on the spot; not cook the ingredients on the spot).  

Price is:-

  • Lunch: $26.90+++(adult) and $17.90(child)
  • Dinner: $32.90+++(adult) and $19.90+++(child) (weekdays)
  • Dinner: $33.90+++(adult) and $20.90+++(child) (weekends)

Please click here to see the cafe’s latest promotion.

  • If you pay using HSBC credit card, you get 15% off food bill.  Valid until 31 December 2008.