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Anjappar Authentic Chenttinaad Restuarant

Anjappar Authentic Chenttinaad Restuarant
102 Syed Alwi Road
Tel: 6392 5545
76-78, Racecourse Road
Tel: 6296 5545

Bf and I visited the branch at Syed Alwi Road on 26 January 2009 for dinner.  They’re quite easy to find – directly opposite Mustafah Shopping Centre, along a row of shophouses.

Service was a bit slow; maybe because the place was crowded. We ordered 1 Mutton Biriyani (S$8.50), 1 paper dosa (S$3.00) and 2 cups of “masala” tea (S$2 each).

Bad choice of restaurant man! Bf’s mutton biriyani was tasteless and the mutton smell so strong that even he didn’t like it. My paper dosa was normal but I could get a cheaper one from Komala’s, with more sauce.  The tea was light with hardly masala taste.  The interesting part is that you get to mix the milk and the tea yourself (usually they serve it pre-mix).

Anyway, am not too sure if it was the tea or the dosa I had here but I had a wee bit of stomach upset the next day. Bf had no problem but we certainly won’t come back here again as the food was not tasty at all.  There’s no service charge but they charge GST on the total bill.

The Roti Prata House

The Roti Prata House
246M Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574370
Tel: 6459 5260
Opening Hours: 24 hours a day

My family and I were in the vicinity, and we spotted The Roti Prata House.  The signage said “Recommended by The New Paper” and we were thinking it must be not bad. So we went in and ordered 4 crispy roti pratas and 1 nasi goreng with ikan bilis and mutton keema.  We also ordered 3 drinks – 1 teh alia (tea with milk and ginger), 1 teh chino and 1 ginger tea.  I’m not sure how much each item costs individually but we paid S$10.30 on the whole. 

To my horror, the roti pratas came out exactly not what I expected!  I wanted roti pratas that are crispy, somewhat expecting them to be like the Jalan Kayu version (that was mum’s expectation too).  When the poor guy was serving the roti pratas to us, mom kept commenting, “I prefer the Jalan Kayu ones.”  I could understand as the ones that were served to us were brown literally.  Crispy pratas, true, but they never mentioned that they deep fried the pratas to make them crispy!  Imagine when you bite into the pratas, a wee bit of oil oozed out.  I think they used cold pratas and deep fry coz not only was it a bit oily, it came out as chewy too.  I was hungry so I had to finish the pratas but it was definitely a horrific experience. 

Dad enjoyed his fried rice with ikan bilis and mutton keema.  Actually, it wasn’t mutton keema per se.  They just fry the minced mutton together with the rice and gave him ikan bilis toppings.  Not bad really except that they put a lot of pepper in the fried rice, probably to mask the mutton taste. 

Drinks are totally out of this world – in the sense that they are all too sweet.  Mum’s ginger tea came out like the teh alia – she was expecting plain tea with ginger.  More a miscommunication I think.  And she said it was too sweet – she doesn’t take sweet stuff, so it really depends on your taste.  No complaints from Dad so I guess the drink is okay for him.  My teh chino was half milk tea and additional milk on the bottom half.  Overall, it was too sweet for me even though I had a sweet tooth.  It’s better to ask them not to make the drinks too sweet and then later on, if you want to sweeten the drink, you can always add more sugar (which is easily available on every table). 

I finally found the New Paper article on the web ( but just keep in mind that the crispy roti prata is not what you see on the web.    ST Foodies Club also recommended the pratas here ( 

Sadly, I won’t recommend the crispy pratas here.  You can definitely find better quality pratas elsewhere.

Express Food Delivery

Express Food Delivery 
511 Guillemard Road #02-27
Grandlink Square
Singapore 399849
Tel: 6747 4368 Fax: 6747 4113
Opening Hours: 11am to 2am everyday except on the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month


I know they have been around for a very long time.  This company specializes in food & fruits from Geylang.  Yes, they do deliver durian! and even rambutan, lychee & longans! Wow! They even have bubble tea for those who have the craving for it. 

And fear not! They have food from Chinese to Malay to Indian to vegetarian.  If you’re tired of ordering tingkat dinner, you might want to try their set dinner too.

If the order is less than S$15, an additional charge of S$2 will be imposed.

Heaven’s Indian Curry

Heaven’s Indian Curry
#01-15 Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre
Opening Hours: 6am to 3pm

Despite the name of the stall, what they sell are mostly thosai, putu mayam, appoms and assorted snacks.

I personally tried their paper thosai yesterday.  S$1.80 got me 2 paper thosai.  The thing about this stall is that all their food comes in sets, which means I can’t order just 1 paper thosai or 1 putu mayam.  Price is around S$1.80 for most sets. Their snacks go for S$0.50 each.

Allauddin’s Briyani

Allauddin’s Briyani
Blk 665, Buffalo Road, #01-297
Tekka Market Food Centre
Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm daily

This is the most famous nasi briyani stall in Tekka Market. The grains are quite dry, but not as loose (stirring and pre-fluffing in the pot helps).

The nasi (rice) has a tad more flavour (some may call it saltier) and the mutton is grainy and quite soft, but a little dry and gamey.

The queue at peak hours is at least 20 minutes but it moves fast as the server is precise and methodic.

He slaps some nasi on a styrofoam plate, lowers a piece of mutton onto it, covers it with more nasi, pushes you a bowl of thick but not-too-spicy dulcha curry (as how most of his Chinese customers like it) and you’re down by $3.50.

I’m not a briyani person but this is one of the best briyani I’ve ever tasted. It’s a little bit dry, so pour the curry over the nasi for a better taste.

Note: This review was extracted from The New Paper.

Komala Vilas

Komala Vilas Paper Dosai
Komala Vilas
76-78 Serangoon Road
Tel: 6293 6980/6294 5294
Opening Hours: 11am to 3.30pm (lunch) & 6pm to 10.30pm (dinner) For Level 2
11am to 10.30pm For Level 1
12-14 Buffalo Road
Tel: 6293 3664

This Komala Vilas is not to be confused with the Komala’s fast food restaurant. Personally, I much prefer this Komala as I find it gives me better value for my money.

If you want to have the meals set, you should go to Level 2.  If not, you should try to find a place at Level 1.  I’m usually found at Level 1 and you find that sometimes you have to share your table with a stranger.  This place is quite popular with tourists, so I guess that’s why they have the menu showing pictures of the food all over the walls.  It’s easy for us to order. 😀

Komala Vilas is one of a plethora of small, casual eating places in the ethnic quarter of Little India, serving up cheap, filling and delicious Indian food in a fast-food setting. The vegetarian menu provides a whole traditional South Indian meal, with favorites such as the dosai, a vegetable-filled crêpe, and thali, a complete meal comprising rice, lentils and a selection of curries, all served on a banana leaf. A great place for breakfast, open from 0700. No credit cards.

I always love their paper dosai (S$2.20 only!) (see the picture above).  A must try is also their special tea/coffee which comes in a small metal “urn” and a small bowl.  You are supposed to pour the tea/coffee from the “urn” into the small bowl and then back into the “urn”.  This is to cool the tea/coffee so that you can sip safely without burning your tongue.

Annalakshmi Vegetarian Restaurant

133, New Bridge Road #B1-02
Chinatown Point, Podium A
Tel: 6339 9993
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm, Tue to Sun; 6pm to 10pm, Monday; closed on Monday mornings

 Ok, this is an Indian vegetarian restaurant but before you dismiss it as another Indian restaurant, read again.  In this restaurant, their motto is “Eat what you want and give as you feel”.  This means that you can eat as much as you want (provided you finish every morsel that you order otherwise you sin?) and you pay whatever amount you feel.  For e.g. you finish 10 plates of food and you feel like you should pay only S$1 (shame on you if you do that), you can be sure that you won’t be hounded by the police.

So if you feel like having Indian vegetarian food, why not pop into this restaurant and experience dining in a different way?

They also have an outlet at Amoy Street with slightly different opening hours.  Check their website for details.

Thasevi Food – Roti Prata from Jalan Kayu

Jalan Kayu’s Roti Prata
Thasevi Food
237 & 239 Jalan Kayu

Opening Hours: 24 hours; closed on last Tuesdays of the month and on Fridays for prayers from noon to 2.30pm

If you want crispy and THE roti prata, this is the place to go to.  It’s the original Jalan Kayu roti prata since the 1960s and the one and only in Singapore, it insists. The crispy and cheese prata are good even when eaten on their own. Ask for the more delicious mutton or chicken curry rather than the one that normally comes with the prata. The stall also has tissue prata, which is extremely crispy, and prata with ice-cream and garlic.  Expect to pay S$0.60 for a plain prata and S$1.20 for one with egg.

For the benefit of those who don’t know what roti prata is, it is composed of dough containing copious amounts of fat, egg, flour and water. The form of fat used is usually ghee (clarified butter). The entire mixture is kneaded thoroughly, flattened, oiled and folded repeatedly. It is then allowed to proof and rise, and the process is repeated. The final round of preparation consists of flattening the dough ball, coating it with oil and then cooking on a flat iron skillet with a lot of oil. The ideal roti is flat, fluffy on the inside but crispy and flaky on the outside.

Muthu’s Curry

Muthu’s Curry
Muthu’s Curry
Outlet 1:
138 Race Course Road #01-01
Tel: 6392 1722
Outlet 2:
#B1-056 Suntec City Mall
Tel: 6835 7707
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm (daily)

If you really love spicy food and enjoys the taste of curry, then you should definitely heed my suggestion and head down to Muthu’s Curry where it sells fantastic curry fishhead!

There are two branches currently available in Singapore, one somewhere around Little India and one in Suntec, address given above.

Muthu’s Curry is famous for its curry fishhead, it boasts nice flavours – sweet and salty before blooming into a spicy sting in the mouth.

The fishhead that they used is fresh and the curry is yummy that one can never stop adding onto the rice. The curry is so fantastic that I could not help but drink my way through as if it was a soup. Other than the fishhead curry, they also have other food like vegetables and chicken, all cooked in a hot and spicy way!

If you love curry and hot and spicy stuff, then you must definitely try Muthu’s Curry. It will be best to make reservations before going, as the place is often packed with regulars.