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creme-brulee1 pana-cotta rum-raisin
1 Harbourfront Walk #01-207
Tel: (65) 6438 8700
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 11.00pm, Sun to Thu
                                  10.30am to Midnight, Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holidays

They have 9 outlets in Singapore but we visited the one at VivoCity on 17 December 2008.

It was after dinner so I was looking for desserts (bf is not the desserts type, but I dragged him along. Hehehe!).

We were quickly shown a table where we were squeezed in between 2 other tables.  Space is cramped and you can hardly walk to the other side of the table without hitting the neighboring table.

Now I have 2 gripes about Bakerzin.  First of all, the wordings of the tapas menu came in red and were in small fonts against white background.  Given the dim lighting of the restaurant, I could hardly read the menu.  (Yes, I will be giving my feedback to the management there on this.) Fortunately, they had a menu outside of the restaurant and I had already perused and made up my mind what I wanted. 

My 2nd gripe was that the taking our order service is terrible! All of the staff seemed to be so busy that they didn’t even looked our way.  One even bothered to clear the empty table next to us but didn’t even bother to check with us if our order had already been taken.  Finally, one staff came along and asked us after 10 minutes! In the meantime, I almost walked out of the restaurant already but bf is more patient, and made me wait (I’m glad that we waited at the end).

Why I’m griping about the order taking service is becoz they managed to give me my bill immediately after our orders came! Amazingly fast! And collection of money was also very fast! If they can do that, why can’t they order my order fast too?

Our orders came quickly (we ordered caramel panna cotta, vanilla creme brulee and rum & raisin ice cream).  First impression was that they all looked so beautiful that I couldn’t bear to eat.  Second impression was that they all looked small, like toys.

I love all the desserts!! especially the rum & raisin ice cream which comes with rum-soaked raisins! Their rum & raisin won over Haagen Daaz’s simply becoz of their rum soaked raisin.  Taste-wise, it is almost the same.

Now I can understand why the place is always packed.  Simply delightful desserts at a reasonable price. And yes, I’ll definitely be back again!

Astons at Prince Georges Park (NUS)

27 Prince George’s Park Blk 8 Level 1
(Foodgle Food Court)
Tel: 6776 2832
Opening Hours: 11am to 9.30pm

 After hearing all the fantastic reviews about Astons, I was elated when I found out that Astons had a branch in the west!  So arming myself with an empty stomach, I skipped and hopped to Prince George’s Park on 26 Mar 2008 for lunch. 

I didn’t have a hard time looking for this place as I am quite familiar with the venue (if you want to visit there, I would advise taking the free internal shuttle bus from NUS – either Service A1 or A2.  The bus will drop you off in front of the PGP residences.  Just go down the flight of stairs and keep right.  You will see Red Dot Café.  Besides this café, there’s another short flight of steps.  At the end of the steps to your right, you will see a glass door.  Go inside and you’ll end up in the Foodgle Food Court.  Keep walking along the rows of stalls – Astons is somewhere in the middle.) 

Looking at the menu was a difficult thing coz there were so many food I wanted to try.  I did balked at the high prices especially for the beef steak (almost S$10!) so I finally settled on char-grilled chicken.  I didn’t know that the meal came with 2 sides and the person taking my order wasn’t that helpful either.  He simply asked: “What sides do you want?” and waited while I pondered.  He should have offered suggestions as to what sides they have instead of waiting.  This poor service left me a bit peeved!  Anyway, I ordered the side of fries & coleslaw and he gave me a receipt and told me my queue number was XXX.   This is an excellent idea as I can go search for a seat and get my order only when it is ready; sort of like waiting for the doctor. 

My 2nd disappointment came when I saw my order.  I did order char-grilled chicken but what was served to me looked like an ordinary chicken chop with some sort of brown sauce on top of it.  And to think that I paid S$5.30 for that when I could easily get a similar meal at half the price elsewhere in NUS. 

This char-grilled chicken didn’t have the tell-tale signs of being char-grilled at all.  By this, I meant you should be able to see the criss-cross black marks on the chicken that says it had been char-grilled.  The one I had looked like simply grilled.  This is a great difference to me as the taste of char-grilled and grilled chicken is simply opposite side of the poles.   

The only saving grace of this dish was the generous amount of coleslaw and the great tasting fries.  The fries were fried to the crisp and they probably put some red chilli powder on it.  These are the skinny fries (not the chunky ones).  Think of Long John Silver’s fries but the skinnier version of it.  It’s not too spicy at all; the chilli powder gave it the reddish look and just a touch of spiciness on your tongue.  

Perhaps I will come again to try the beef steak or maybe I should somehow make a trip to Astons @ East Coast.  But never again will I try the char-grilled chicken at PGP.  Save your $$ for elsewhere. They have 3 other outlets mostly in the East.  Check their website for more details.

Relish by Wild Rocket

Relish Burger 2 Relish Burger
#02-01 Cluny Court (next to Serene Centre)
501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760
Tel: 6763 1547
Opening Hours: Noon – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm, Mon to Fri; Noon – 11pm, Sat & Sun

Relish, the latest addition to the wild rocket family is a casual chic joint dedicated to burgers. Besides the very popular wild rocket burger with sun-dried tomato relish and the classic bacon and cheese burger, there will be other mouth-watering creations like the BBQ charsiew soft-bone pork open foccacia burger, a garam masala lamb and mint hummus pita burger and even a portebello tofu burger with eggplant salsa.


This review was extracted from Relish’s website.  What got me excited and wanting to visit this place is its bacon and cheese burger.  Reminds me of the days when McDonalds was selling bacon cheeseburger.  *salivating already*

The Dessert Symphony

Dessert Symphony
The Dessert Symphony
Level 4, Atrium Lounge
Marina Mandarin Hotel
Tel: 6845 1111
Opening Hours: 8pm to Midnight, every Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holiday

If you love all things sweet, this should be music to your ears. Marina Mandarin’s Atrium Lounge Dessert Symphony is a premium buffet of desserts featuring delicacies such as Crepes Suzette and Cherry Jubilee in addition to sweets you can drink to — think red-wine popsicles and vodka poached pears.

Those who prefer to go local can try Asian favourites such as apom with pisang mas and coconut sorbet, durian sago melaka and many more.

The Dessert Symphony is available on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays from 8pm to midnight at S$28++ per person.


This review was extracted from dated 23 February 2008.  Ok, we were so excited about having a dessert buffet (our first time).  We were literally salivating already when we reached the Atrium Lounge.  I mean it’s already 8pm and we haven’t had our dinner.

BUT what a disappointment when we saw the spread!  At a glance, you can see a “variety” of 12 desserts at most.  Most of them were in bite size forms or in the soup spoons.  True, they were laid out beautifully on a single table.  And they did promise fresh crepes made on the spot.  I spotted macarons and some other bite sized cakes.

We did an about turn and got the hell out of there.  We were certainly not going to be paying the princely sum of S$32 for a spread that I can easily get at any hotel buffet which serves main courses and appetisers with desserts.

Well, if you don’t mind paying for quality, I suppose yes, you can drop by the Atrium Lounge and have a go at the buffet.  But I for sure will not be stepping in unless they give me more variety.


The Yoghurt Place @ Ngee Ann City

Yoghurt from The Yoghurt Place
The Yoghurt Place
Basement 2, Ngee Ann City
391A Orchard Road
Singapore 238873

 Bf and I visited The Yoghurt Place at Ngee Ann City after our dinner.  Service was friendly; they actually let us taste the yoghurt before we even said that we wanted to buy.  Sort of a marketing strategy:- try before buying!  We tasted at least 2 flavours (raspberry and strawberry) before we finally decided to buy (coz they were having a 50% discount on the 2nd cup). We paid something like S$5.10 for 2 small cups of yoghurt.  

One thing I like about the yoghurt place is that you can choose 2 flavours for each cup of yoghurt, regardless of its size. 

The Yoghurt Place claims that its yoghurt “contains less fat, less sugar and no preservatives yet delightfully smooth and creamy and that it is freshly made.” I thought that yoghurt simply contains less fat and less sugar than ice cream and that’s why diet-conscious people eat yoghurt in place of ice cream?   Freshly made or not, it’s a matter of opinion.  To me, freshly made means they have to make the yoghurt in front of me.  I spotted at least 3 tubs of plain yoghurt in the freezer.  Perhaps what the company meant was that they do not keep the yoghurt for too long and that’s why it’s fresh compared to the yoghurt you get in the supermarkets. 

Although the yoghurt is indeed soft and smooth, I don’t like the yoghurt.  It’s simply plain yoghurt with toppings.  The strawberry yoghurt is not strawberry flavoured; rather, it is plain yoghurt with something like strawberry jam on it.  True, the topping is not sweet and if you mix everything up, you do get strawberry flavoured yoghurt. 

Skip the ordinary flavours like strawberry, blueberry etc.  These you can get similar quality in the supermarkets at a lower price.  Instead, go for the other flavours like blackforest, cappuccino, chocolate hazelnut, choco beans and cookie crumbs.

Fries from Yella Fellas

Yella Fellas
#B1-K6 Bugis Junction
230 Victoria Street
Singapore 188024
Opening hours: 11am to 10pm daily

If you love fries, then you’ll love Yella Fellas.  Yella Fellas is all about fries, fries and more fries! The times they are a-changin’. They have more than ketchup and chilli. As a specialty Fries shop, we make our own sauces, some of them a right tasty meal. Heard about Dutch War Sauce? It’s a delicious blend of the local spiciness that locals here know and love with a twist. And you pay only S$3.80! What about Poutine Sauce? A Canadian favourite made with premium beef sauce and cheese, it’s a taste you’ll love at a price of S$4.90!  They also have a special set of fries to suit our local palate – the Spicy Chilli Crab! At a price of S$4.90, you simply should not give this a miss! Oh did I mention that they have the Brussels Mussels (S$5.90)?  If you’re into mussels, you get the Yella Fellas fries with mussels in white wine cream sauce.  However, this dish is available only on selected days. If you just want plain fries with your sauces, order the YellaFellas and pick any of these sauces for free – tomato ketchup, chilli sauce or malt vinegar.  Else, you can pay S$0.50 and get 1 of the 18 sauces available – cheddar cheese, nachos cheese, garlic yoghurt, herb mayo etc. – just to name a few. I like this place for its most innovative ways of serving an ordinary plate of fries and for its reasonable prices.  There are simply too many sauces for me to try everything in 1 go – so I’ll be sure to go a few times to suss the best sauces.

Ice Cream/Mud Pie from Ice3Cafe

Ice3Cafe Amaretto Magic Potion Test Tube Magic Potion Set
11 Kensington Park Road
Serangoon Garden Estate
Tel: 6282 8126
Opening Hours: 4pm to 1am, Mon to Fri; 10am to 1am, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays

Their website claims that they are the coolest ice cream cafe in town, and probably the world.

And fret not if you think Serangoon Gardens is simply too far and out of the way for you (like me!), you will be able to ask them to deliver the ice cream to your home!

What I love what I see so far is that they have these very interesting liquor shots in test tubes (see picture above)! Yes, you read it right.  In test tubes and it comes with its own cardboard test tube stands.  Each test tube comes at price of S$3.90.  They have other flavors like Kahlua, Peach Schnapps, Cherry Brandy, Tia Maria, Cacao Brown and Creme de Cassis.

One of the best selling mudpie would be the Alcoholics Anonymous Mudpie – Jam deliriously delicious Rum & Raisin ice cream on an Oreo® crust, squash it with a tonne of raisins & almond flakes, & then pour over with butterscotch syrup for a euphoric indulgence that’s barely within legal limits! And this euphoric indulgence comes at a cool price of only S$9.90!

Their ice cream comes in pints of 473ml (or approximately 400g), priced at S$9.50 and they have 21 flavours – like Malt Krispies, Rum & Raisins, Peach Sorbet, etc.

If you’re having a party, I would suggest ordering the parties sets as each set comes with one flavoured ice cream and a test tube shot.  Definitely a party attraction by itself (see picture above)!


This review is also available on TheLocalKing.

Cafe Domus

Domus Courtyard By Day Domus Courtyard at Night
Cafe Domus
124 Owen Road
Tel: 6392 5652
Opening Hours: 7pm to 12 midnight, Sun – Thurs; 7pm to 3am Fri, Sat and eve of Public Holidays; closed on Mondays and PH (Sometimes, the cafe is open EVEN on public holidays and sometimes they are closed for private functions; check their website for information)

Although the name says cafe, it’s really a drinking hole with divine nibbles and desserts and your alcoholic drinks.

Cafe Domus is tucked away in serenity along Owen Road. With both indoor and outdoor seatings, the excellent ambiance makes it a great venue for your little gatherings, a romantic evening or even your private event or party (you send the invites and they’ll do your planning). A short climb up the spiral stairs leads to a private rooftop veranda, perfect for friends to chat over some snacks and beers.

What caught my eye is the beautiful picture of its courtyard and the fact that I can get my ice cream fix from Ice Cream Chefs here.

You can also taste the tiramisu dessert from Tiramisutra (which by the way will be closing its doors till indefinitely from 23 December 2007), so go quickly before it’s gone forever.


Interior of Tuckshop Steak Sandwich
21 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-05
Tel: 6534 9287
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to Midnight, Mon to Thu; 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 3am, Fri; 5.30pm to 4am, Sat 

TUCKSHOP, a minimalist, blue-walled sliver of a shop space in Tanjong Pagar, is the sort of eatery you would want to write, call or SMS home about. Except you might not know what to start with.

Should it be the steak sandwich – a real steal at $12.50? The truly excellent fish and chips ($8.50)? The simple, sleek look of the place? Or those lovely, lovely fries ($4)?

I shall start with the fries. When two friends and I lunched at the two-month-old eatery the other day, we got three servings of fries with our orders. Although one portion might have spent a few seconds too long in the fryer, the other two were just perfect.

The test of a good fry: It should still taste terrific cold. Tuckshop’s lightly salted fries had a slight chewy resistance to the bite after they cooled but were beautifully mushy inside. So low-carb diet or not, I couldn’t leave any of my fries uneaten that afternoon.

The other things we tried boasted the same, sure touch of turning simple recipes into gold.

The steak sandwich – a big cut of juicy, grilled beef, caramelised onions and a portobello mushroom on crusty focaccia – was highly succulent. One friend would have liked the flavouring more robust though.

The other friend tried the chicken sandwich ($7.50), a barbecued chicken chop sauced with a mix of mayo and barbecue sauce. These juiced up the slice of chicken breast, making it sublime.

But my fave was the fish and chips. The pacific dory was lightly flavoured, lightly fried and still creamy inside. It was a dream to eat.

Besides food, Tuckshop also has live music. Singaporean folk-country band The Bandits rock the place on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Jazz nights are on the cards too, says manager Brandon Lau, 27.

Food-wise, the 12-item menu is a work in progress and will be expanded, he promises. Well, how about desserts? That, in my book, would make this the place to chase weekday blues away.

Anyway, check their website for the full menu and other details.

Note: This review was extracted from Wine and Dine.

Sky Dining In Cable Car

Sky Dining
Sky Dining
The Jewel Box
109 Mount Faber Road
Tel: (65) 6377 9688
Opening Hours: 6.30pm to 8.30pm, daily

Bf treated me to a birthday dining experience on the cable car at Mount Faber on 6 Dec 2007.

We first checked in at HarbourFront Cable Car Station and then took the ride from there to The Jewel Box @ Mount Faber.  This ride is complimentary by the way which is great for people who take the NEL.

We then dropped off at The Jewel Box and presented our receipt to the staff there.  There was a little mix-up with our order (we didn’t want beef which was one of the dishes on the menu and had earlier informed them of a change but this was overlooked).  BUT the staff quickly went to the kitchen and got our order right!

The staff then put a table into one of the cable cars and we quickly boarded the car.  A photographer of theirs came along and took our photo just before our car took off.

The cable car would be travelling from the Jewel Box to HarbourFront Station and then to Sentosa Station before returning again to the Jewel Box station.

We were served the Cream of Tomato Soup served with Garlic Crostini and Smoked Salmon Salad With Mascarpone cheese.  The soup was nice and you can hardly taste the garlic in the crostini.  I don’t really like the taste of mascarpone cheese in my smoked salmon but I finished it anyway coz I was hungry. 😛  Even took bf’s share! Hehe!

One round was sufficient for us to finish our soup and salad and the staff at the Jewel Box station quickly cleared our dishes as soon as our car arrived.  Another staff quickly served us our glasses of wine and our Pan-fried fillet of Salmon with Honey Miso served with sauteed garden vegetables and mashed potatoes (for bf) and Pan-fried chicken served with sauteed garden vegetables (for me).

Again, just before take-off, we were given copies of our photos (1 4R, 2 2×2 and another 2×2 in small photo frames).  We were told that prices would be given to us during our last round.

By the time the car reached HarbourFront station, bf and I were already feeling the motion sickness.  We barely touched our main dishes and we quickly decided that we would get off at the Jewel Box station.

We got off and paid S$30 for the whole package of photos.  And then we were shown to the restaurant and given our desserts of chocolate brownie and our tea. 

Both of us thought they would serve us the remains of our main dishes and wine but nope, we were only given our desserts.

Overall, thumbs up for the excellent service! Go for the experience of dining in a cable car. It’s really something.  But our advice would be simply inform the staff that you would be taking only the 1st course in the cable car and the rest of the meal in the restaurant.  That way, you will thoroughly enjoy the dinner.

Note: This review can also be found on The Local King.