Chong Pang BBQ Seafood

Extracted from Chong Pang's website
Extracted from Chong Pang’s website

Chong Pang BBQ Seafood

200 Turf Club Road #02-01
Tuf City
Tel: 6323 6653
Opening Hours: 4pm to Midnight, Monday to Friday; 12pm to Midnight, Sat, Sun & Public Holiday

Remember the good ole days of cheap bbq seafood at Marina South and you come out smelling like a bbq pit? Alas, the restaurants there have all moved out and raised their prices. 

Chong Pang now charges S$16 (Mon to Fri) & S$18 (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays) per adult including free flow of soft and hot drinks (excluding beer) when it used to charge S$13 per head.  I guess it works out to be a good deal if you drink a lot and eat a lot.

Nevertheless, I shall brave the smells and the higher prices and attempt once more to eat here.  If you’ve already eaten here, please drop me your comments! Thank you.

 Update on 19 Aug 2008:

Chong Pang moved again and this time, to Turf City.  They should be opened by 1 Sep 2008.  Check the website for details. No idea about the pricing yet.  Hope they don’t increase too much! 🙂

Update on 5 Sep 2008:
Chong Pang has opened its doors at Turf City.  I’ve updated the new website add, new opening hours and new prices.

Update on 24 Mar 2009:

Finally I managed to make it to their new place at Turf City.  It’s located at the left hand corner of the building, so it’s not that difficult to find.  But I find the variety of food depleting (less meat and vegetables, no desserts, no satay, no fresh live prawns).  Still, it’s cheap, given that you pay S$16 for a buffet including unlimited flow of soft drinks.



2 responses to “Chong Pang BBQ Seafood

  1. Anybody tried? Is it still good?

    But the place is not so convenient to go. Unless somebody say the price is reduced or environment better, I will go. Otherwise, I will try to find similar ones. I heard there is one near Novena MRT. They are said to be formerly from Marina also.

    If anybody have more news about these enjoyment places, kindly update. Thanks.

  2. Good question Aung. I should be trying Chong Pang either this weekend or the next or the next next. Hehe…. depending on my friends’ schedules.

    Will let you know if it’s any good. Novena has one too? Great! Will try to hunt it down then.

    Thanks for the tip!

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