The Dessert Symphony

Dessert Symphony
The Dessert Symphony
Level 4, Atrium Lounge
Marina Mandarin Hotel
Tel: 6845 1111
Opening Hours: 8pm to Midnight, every Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holiday

If you love all things sweet, this should be music to your ears. Marina Mandarin’s Atrium Lounge Dessert Symphony is a premium buffet of desserts featuring delicacies such as Crepes Suzette and Cherry Jubilee in addition to sweets you can drink to — think red-wine popsicles and vodka poached pears.

Those who prefer to go local can try Asian favourites such as apom with pisang mas and coconut sorbet, durian sago melaka and many more.

The Dessert Symphony is available on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays from 8pm to midnight at S$28++ per person.


This review was extracted from dated 23 February 2008.  Ok, we were so excited about having a dessert buffet (our first time).  We were literally salivating already when we reached the Atrium Lounge.  I mean it’s already 8pm and we haven’t had our dinner.

BUT what a disappointment when we saw the spread!  At a glance, you can see a “variety” of 12 desserts at most.  Most of them were in bite size forms or in the soup spoons.  True, they were laid out beautifully on a single table.  And they did promise fresh crepes made on the spot.  I spotted macarons and some other bite sized cakes.

We did an about turn and got the hell out of there.  We were certainly not going to be paying the princely sum of S$32 for a spread that I can easily get at any hotel buffet which serves main courses and appetisers with desserts.

Well, if you don’t mind paying for quality, I suppose yes, you can drop by the Atrium Lounge and have a go at the buffet.  But I for sure will not be stepping in unless they give me more variety.


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