Fries from Yella Fellas

Yella Fellas
#B1-K6 Bugis Junction
230 Victoria Street
Singapore 188024
Opening hours: 11am to 10pm daily

If you love fries, then you’ll love Yella Fellas.  Yella Fellas is all about fries, fries and more fries! The times they are a-changin’. They have more than ketchup and chilli. As a specialty Fries shop, we make our own sauces, some of them a right tasty meal. Heard about Dutch War Sauce? It’s a delicious blend of the local spiciness that locals here know and love with a twist. And you pay only S$3.80! What about Poutine Sauce? A Canadian favourite made with premium beef sauce and cheese, it’s a taste you’ll love at a price of S$4.90!  They also have a special set of fries to suit our local palate – the Spicy Chilli Crab! At a price of S$4.90, you simply should not give this a miss! Oh did I mention that they have the Brussels Mussels (S$5.90)?  If you’re into mussels, you get the Yella Fellas fries with mussels in white wine cream sauce.  However, this dish is available only on selected days. If you just want plain fries with your sauces, order the YellaFellas and pick any of these sauces for free – tomato ketchup, chilli sauce or malt vinegar.  Else, you can pay S$0.50 and get 1 of the 18 sauces available – cheddar cheese, nachos cheese, garlic yoghurt, herb mayo etc. – just to name a few. I like this place for its most innovative ways of serving an ordinary plate of fries and for its reasonable prices.  There are simply too many sauces for me to try everything in 1 go – so I’ll be sure to go a few times to suss the best sauces.

2 responses to “Fries from Yella Fellas

  1. Wow sounds good, I’d surely try it soon. By the way, where’s your blog banner photo taken at?


  2. Hi, came across your site by accident but it is a very nice accident indeed. Very good and informative blog u hv! Thanks for sharing it with us in cyberspace. I am Sporean married to a Belgian, so if we r home, we definitely check this place out for some Brussels Mussels ; )
    Warm regards from Belgium

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