Bak Kwa from Kim Hock Guan

Kim Hock Guan packaging Kim Hock Guan Bak Kwa from Kim Hock Guan
Kim Hock Guan
Main Branch:
#01-02 Fook Hai Building Tel: 6535 2536
Outlet 1:
455 Geylang Road Tel: 6743 4577
Outlet 2:
#01-25 The Bencoolen Tel: 6835 7118
Blk 3017 Bedok North Street 5 #04-03 Tel: 6243 9394

Last Chinese New year (2007), they had the longest queue that we’ve ever seen coz they were nominated the best bak kwa (barbequed dried pork) in Singapore in the “Bak Kwa Index” by The Straits Times.  Unfortunately, that was the only time we saw them having long queues coz they seemed to disappear after CNY.  This was at the main branch in Fook Hai Building.

Their bak kwa is a bit tougher than the ones from Lim Chee Guan or Bee Chun Hiang coz they used sliced pork instead of minced pork (they don’t have minced pork available).  A kg of this today costs S$45 (or S$27 for 600g – picture above shows 600g of bak kwa).  I’m not too sure if the price will increase closer to the CNY this year.

What I love about their packaging is that it comes in a resealable bag instead of the simply vacuumed ones (see picture above).  This means I can recycle the bag instead of disposing after I’ve opened up the package.  Must applaud this company for going green in this way.

The bak kwa can keep for 2 weeks in room temperature.  If you want to keep it longer, put it in the fridge and it’ll last 3 weeks.

I expect that the queue will start from next week onwards, so if you want to beat the queue, go today!  There’s literally 1 or 2 persons in front of me when I purchased it during lunch time today (17 Jan 2008).

This review can also be found on TheLocalKing.

4 responses to “Bak Kwa from Kim Hock Guan

  1. Ex-Lim Chee Guan buyer

    the Q for Lim Chee Guan was crazy.. and decided to Kim Hock Guan (recommended by my regular medical hall salesman). Good points about this vs LCG.

    1. The Bak Kwa is not charred (seriously.. this can be an issue if you DON’T want to die much earlier by filling yourself with cancel filling carbon bits)
    2. It comes with a resealable bag. This is a very good idea and ALL other should follow along.
    3. The queue this year (as of Jan 28, 2008) is still acceptable. Waited around 15mins to get my BBQ meat.
    4. Price seems to have remained constant.. $45/KG.

    GO GO GO… before the Q begins to form like 2007.

  2. I bought 3.5kg Kim Hock Guan BBQ meat last Saturday (10/01/09), regret to say that it is the “Toughest Meat” I ever had. It is so dry, hard and thick that my relatives can’t stop complainting to me. Please look into this matter seriously.

    • Dear Ben, you should get the minced pork one. Their sliced pork is very tough and not suitable for old folks.

  3. sliced pork are for those who want more texture while eating it while minced meat are for those who want more flavor.

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