Ice Cream/Mud Pie from Ice3Cafe

Ice3Cafe Amaretto Magic Potion Test Tube Magic Potion Set
11 Kensington Park Road
Serangoon Garden Estate
Tel: 6282 8126
Opening Hours: 4pm to 1am, Mon to Fri; 10am to 1am, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays

Their website claims that they are the coolest ice cream cafe in town, and probably the world.

And fret not if you think Serangoon Gardens is simply too far and out of the way for you (like me!), you will be able to ask them to deliver the ice cream to your home!

What I love what I see so far is that they have these very interesting liquor shots in test tubes (see picture above)! Yes, you read it right.  In test tubes and it comes with its own cardboard test tube stands.  Each test tube comes at price of S$3.90.  They have other flavors like Kahlua, Peach Schnapps, Cherry Brandy, Tia Maria, Cacao Brown and Creme de Cassis.

One of the best selling mudpie would be the Alcoholics Anonymous Mudpie – Jam deliriously delicious Rum & Raisin ice cream on an Oreo® crust, squash it with a tonne of raisins & almond flakes, & then pour over with butterscotch syrup for a euphoric indulgence that’s barely within legal limits! And this euphoric indulgence comes at a cool price of only S$9.90!

Their ice cream comes in pints of 473ml (or approximately 400g), priced at S$9.50 and they have 21 flavours – like Malt Krispies, Rum & Raisins, Peach Sorbet, etc.

If you’re having a party, I would suggest ordering the parties sets as each set comes with one flavoured ice cream and a test tube shot.  Definitely a party attraction by itself (see picture above)!


This review is also available on TheLocalKing.

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