Sky Dining In Cable Car

Sky Dining
Sky Dining
The Jewel Box
109 Mount Faber Road
Tel: (65) 6377 9688
Opening Hours: 6.30pm to 8.30pm, daily

Bf treated me to a birthday dining experience on the cable car at Mount Faber on 6 Dec 2007.

We first checked in at HarbourFront Cable Car Station and then took the ride from there to The Jewel Box @ Mount Faber.  This ride is complimentary by the way which is great for people who take the NEL.

We then dropped off at The Jewel Box and presented our receipt to the staff there.  There was a little mix-up with our order (we didn’t want beef which was one of the dishes on the menu and had earlier informed them of a change but this was overlooked).  BUT the staff quickly went to the kitchen and got our order right!

The staff then put a table into one of the cable cars and we quickly boarded the car.  A photographer of theirs came along and took our photo just before our car took off.

The cable car would be travelling from the Jewel Box to HarbourFront Station and then to Sentosa Station before returning again to the Jewel Box station.

We were served the Cream of Tomato Soup served with Garlic Crostini and Smoked Salmon Salad With Mascarpone cheese.  The soup was nice and you can hardly taste the garlic in the crostini.  I don’t really like the taste of mascarpone cheese in my smoked salmon but I finished it anyway coz I was hungry. 😛  Even took bf’s share! Hehe!

One round was sufficient for us to finish our soup and salad and the staff at the Jewel Box station quickly cleared our dishes as soon as our car arrived.  Another staff quickly served us our glasses of wine and our Pan-fried fillet of Salmon with Honey Miso served with sauteed garden vegetables and mashed potatoes (for bf) and Pan-fried chicken served with sauteed garden vegetables (for me).

Again, just before take-off, we were given copies of our photos (1 4R, 2 2×2 and another 2×2 in small photo frames).  We were told that prices would be given to us during our last round.

By the time the car reached HarbourFront station, bf and I were already feeling the motion sickness.  We barely touched our main dishes and we quickly decided that we would get off at the Jewel Box station.

We got off and paid S$30 for the whole package of photos.  And then we were shown to the restaurant and given our desserts of chocolate brownie and our tea. 

Both of us thought they would serve us the remains of our main dishes and wine but nope, we were only given our desserts.

Overall, thumbs up for the excellent service! Go for the experience of dining in a cable car. It’s really something.  But our advice would be simply inform the staff that you would be taking only the 1st course in the cable car and the rest of the meal in the restaurant.  That way, you will thoroughly enjoy the dinner.

Note: This review can also be found on The Local King.

9 responses to “Sky Dining In Cable Car

  1. cool! wah!

  2. wowww~~~ tat’s nice!!!
    mind telling how much it cost ur bf??

  3. Hi Valerie,

    We paid S$244.85 nett per couple. 😀

  4. arlo!hw much is the whole thing in total that is cable car ride n dining and photos?

  5. Hi Zalikha

    The dining bit is S$148 per couple and you pay S$30 for 1 4R, 2 2×2 and another 2×2 in small photo frames. So expect to pay a total of S$178.

  6. hi..

    I’m planning to celebrate my bf’s birthday in cable car dining. 🙂

    Was checking ard and saw ur this blog. so just wanna enquiry. how’s the food?? do we order there and then?

    btw, is the photo frames included with the photos? 🙂

  7. Hi Candice

    Actually, you have to order the package in advance if you are keen on the sky dining.

    Food was not bad but nothing that would make me stand up and cheer or wanna go back to eat again.

    If you/your bf has motion sickness, better arrange with them such that you go for the 1st course in the cable car and go to the restaurant for the rest. You can email to them after you confirm your package.

    Just go for the experience rather than the food. That way, you won’t be too disappointed. 🙂

    Anyway, we just drop by the place last weekend and apparently, they’ve renovated the place and only re-opened on 13 October 2008. So am not too sure if the chef has changed or not.

    The small ones come with a plastic photo frame but not the big one. 🙂

  8. Are you serious?! They are renovating now? ‘cos my boyfriend’s birthday is on 18 Sept, i planning to celebrate there on his b’day. 😦

  9. Candice, I meant they had already renovated and the place is now open. 🙂 It was last year that they did the renovation.

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