Crepes from Le P’tit Breton

Le P’tit Breton
Le P’tit Breton
200 Upper Thomson Road 01-11A
Thomson Imperial Court
Tel: 6259 4300
Opening hours: Lunch – Wednesdays to Saturdays: noon to 2.30pm. Sundays: 11.30am to 3pm. Dinner – Tuesdays to Sundays: 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Closed Mondays and public holidays

To everyone who’s been trying to keep this restaurant a secret – I’m sorry, but something this good needs to be shared. One visit to Le P’tit Breton and like me, you’ll want to keep going back. In fact, I know someone who’s determined to make his way down the entire menu. This tiny restaurant next to Thomson Community Club offers beautiful galettes and crepes, which are specialities from Brittany in the north-west of France.

Start your meal with a galette, a thin, savoury buckwheat pancake. It’s crisp all the way through and has a subtle, nutty flavour. Toppings range from blood sausage to mushrooms, but my favourite is the Goat Cheese ($6.20). Mild and creamy, the cheese is perfect with the crisp galette. You must also have the Andouille, Apple and Cream ($14.90) one. Baby, it’s good. The galette is topped with wedges of sauteed apple, savoury cream and slices of warm pork sausage (a speciality of Brittany and Normandy and quite unlike their New Orleans cousins). For dessert, the simple Lemon Sugar ($3.90) crepe is the best. It’s crisp on the edges and springy everywhere else, and comes with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkling of powdered sugar on the edges. So simple, so absolutely yummy.

But, and this is where a hollow leg comes in handy, you must also have the Hot Chocolate Strawberries ($7.50) and the Hot Chocolate, Almond and Chantilly Cream ($6.90) crepes. The dark chocolate sauce is homemade – need I say more? Only that you should order another Breton speciality with your meal – apple cider ($19 a bottle). It’s crisp, refreshing and served perfectly chilled in stoneware cups. I’m drooling even as I write this and I just had lunch there. Sigh.

Note: This review was extracted from ST Foodies Club.

One response to “Crepes from Le P’tit Breton

  1. nice hit. always looking for good desert restaurants. =)

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