Beautiful Cupcakes from Perfect Fairy Cakes

Cupcake from Fairy Cake Fairy Cake from Fairy Cakes

Perfect Fairy Cakes
Tel: 9482 4066 (Karen)

It is rare to find a cupcake that tastes as good as it looks, so I sighed with pleasure after biting into one from Perfect Fairy Cakes.

The cupcake had a tender crumb flecked with coconut and an unexpected dollop of rich lemon curd in the middle. Coconut meringue piped prettily on top added the perfect crowning touch. There was texture and fresh, zippy flavour with every bite.

Cooking teacher Karen Koh, 45, started the online business about a month ago, after her students kept wanting to buy her baked goods. Yes, why take a class when you can just buy the goodies and devour them straightaway?

And she makes sure these cakes are worth the calories by using quality ingredients like Valrhona chocolate, French butter, homemade lemon curd and fresh fruit.

The proof is definitely in the tasting. The chocolate cupcake delivers a satisfying chocolate hit. It is dense, moist and rich without being too sweet. I like the ones with the chocolate flakes and cherry on top.

The lemon cupcake is rich with lemon zest, the vanilla sponge comes filled with raspberry jam and there is also a chocolate cupcake with marmalade inside.

They can be topped with any number of whimsical designs. For special occasions, consider the arty fondant toppings. These look better thanthey taste, but I love the retro cool colours they come in – think milky pink and creamy turquoise.

Koh bakes and decorates each cupcake by hand and it is labour-intensive work. The minimum order is one dozen of the same flavour, and you should place the orders at least a week in advance.

Note: This review was extracted from ST Foodies Club.

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  1. awesoem
    i want to eat cupcake!

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