Creme Confections

Florentines Aux Chocolat New York Philadelphia Cheese Cake Baked Classic Cheese Cake Vanilla Genoise Loaf Summer Love Tart Aux Fruits
Creme Confections
Note: Creme Confections would not be accepting any more orders until Dec 2007.

I first saw a recommendation for his cakes and tarts in The New Paper dated 20 Oct 2007.

An NS serviceman by day, a baker by night (or whenever he’s free), Creme Confections’s baker, Mike, bakes beautiful cakes and pies as shown in the pictures above.

And he’s another of those who do not have shopfronts (which is really unfortunate) but according to the recommendation, his cakes are delicious!

Personally, I’m looking forward to ordering some Florentines Au Chocolat (bite-size confection with crunchy Almonds and a well-balanced mix of zesty Citrus Peels and a coat of Chocolate makes this everyone’s favorite decadent treat).  They cost S$0.60 a piece and there’s a minimum order of 15 pieces.  Great for Christmas and Chinese New Year if you ask me! 😛

Please note that delivery is only to limited areas and is charged at S$10/trip for orders below S$80.  Otherwise, pick up your orders from Ang Mo Kio MRT.  Delivery and collection times are stipulated in his blog.


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