Classic Cakes

Classic Cakes Shop Chocolate Mille Crepes Cake of Crepes
Classic Cakes
41 Sunset Way #01-06 Clementi Arcade
Tel: 6762 8019
Opening Hours: 2pm to 9pm, Tue & Sun; 11am to 9pm, Wed to Sat; closed on Mon

Classic Cakes in Clementi Arcade, which started selling a wonderful cake called Mille Crepes last year, has come up with different variations on the theme. Not that there’s anything wrong with the original. It remains unbeatable – a stack of 20 crepes placed on top of one another, with a vanilla pastry cream holding them together and a caramelised topping.

But for those who want something more exciting, baker Charles Quek has come up with three variations.

The Chocolate Mille Crepes (see picture above) ($6 a slice, $60 for a 1.5kg cake, left) has thin, floaty flakes of dark chocolate between the crepes. It is ethereal, light and to die for.

Order the Apple Mille Crepes ($6.50 a slice, $65 for a 1.5kg cake, second from left) if you don’t like your desserts too rich. The tart apples add crunch – very refreshing.

Of course, there is a durian version ($7 a slice, $70 for a 1.5kg cake, third from left), with pungent, creamy durian filling in between the pancakes. Like the original, they all cut beautifully, and any one of them would make a great treat for Mother’s Day on May 13.

If Mum is a chocoholic, then consider the Black Velvet ($3.80 a slice, $35 for a 1kg cake, right). This other new offering is a velvety chocolate cake flavoured with blackberry jam and topped with a snowy white frosting made of cream cheese, mascarpone cheese and fresh cream. Decadent for sure, but doesn’t your mother deserve the best?

Note: This review was extracted from ST Foodies Club.

3 responses to “Classic Cakes

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  2. Update: they do not sell by slices anymore. and it cost $77 now (as accurate at 22 Mar 08). FYI

  3. Thanks Souplad! But wow! What a huge increase in prices!

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