Cakes In Bloom

Triple Choc Brownies
Cakes In Bloom
Blk 1 Kallang Avenue #182-A
Kallang Avenue Industrial Estate
Singapore 339501
Tel: 6295 6088

What I’ve got here is another cake delivery website.  BUT I would like to recommend their American Chewy Triple Chocolate Brownies (it’s filed under ready bakes in their website).

It costs S$40 a slab (which gets you 64 pieces per square).  These dark chocolate brownies have a chewy, fudgy texture. The secret, apparently, is baking them at high heat at the start and then lowering the temperature for the rest of the baking time.

The result – the top gets crisp, the inside stays moist. It helps that there are three types of chocolate in them – dark Belgian chocolate, cocoa powder and chocolate chips.

So yes, they are quite lethal, like a chocolate bomb.

If you prefer, you can also get their American Chewy Fudge Nutty Brownie at S$48 per slab.

Cakes In Bloom also offers kueh lapis, muffins, sandwiches and custom made cakes.


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