7th Manna Cake Delivery

Tiramisu New York Cheesecake Keyboard
7th Manna
Tel: 9111 1165 (call during their opening hours only)
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm, Mon to Sat; closed on Sundays & Public Holidays
Website: http://www.7thmanna.com/

Ok, so this is another cake delivery service I found whilst surfing.  Price is quite reasonable and delivery charges are S$10 to one location.

Their cakes varieties range from tiramisu to cheesecake to carrotcake, etc. Check their website for more details.

They’ve also received very good reviews about their cakes, so hey, go check them out.


2 responses to “7th Manna Cake Delivery

  1. Agree that this is probably a good service they are offering online. However I have used their online service n found it disappointing. Ordered a cake as birthday surprise for my sister while I was overseas. Made an online payment by i-banking and received a confirmation email. Lo and behold when the cake arrived, my sister had to pay for the cake–AGAIN! she was super embarrassed so obviously the feedback was that the cake tasted sour. 😦 I ordered a cheesecake for $75– very pricey considering an award-winning cheesecake from Secret Recipe is only about $50 and bigger. When I called the manager (his name is Paul) to sort this out, didn’t have a very good experience at all at how he dealt with it– blamed me for not emailing them that I’ve paid!!! They simply will not go an extra mile for their customers. Sorry to say that this is the last time I’m getting cakes from them– can get BETTER SERVICE and even yummier, less pricey cakes elsewhere in Singapore…

  2. yucky. cheap tasting choc… and super sweet.. expensive and really disappointing. last order from them ever.

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