Lam Foong Cooked Food

Lam Foong Cooked Food
Blk 11 Telok Blangah Crescent (TBC) #01-587
TBC Market and Food Centre

The opening hours of this stall is very erratic, so good luck to you if you want to patronise at this stall.

When it stays open in the day, it sometimes sell yong tau foo or noodles or whatever the owner feels like to sell that day.  If she sells yong tau foo, it is highly recommended that you go for it as the soup of the yong tau foo is tasty and the yong tau foo is handmade with the fish paste that she makes.  If it’s the other stuff, don’t try.

At night, she’ll sell the standard “chap chye” rice.  What makes her stand out from the other stalls is that she cooks medium-sized dishes and you can see her constantly cooking one dish or another, so it’s a good mix of dishes and you can get them hot.  Plus, the prices she charge is quite reasonable.

A must try dish at her stall is the boiled soup.  For only S$1 a bowl, you get a bowl of soup chockful of ingredients.  The soup menu changes every day and it’s really dependent on what she feels like to have.  You can also get a free bowl of soup without any ingredients if you patronise her stall.


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