Fei Zhai Porridge

Fei Zhai Porridge
Blk 11 Telok Blangah Crescent (TBC) #01-599
TBC Market and Food Centre

He usually starts business at 6pm and closes at around 11pm or until his food is sold out.  The owner is a Hong Konger and well known for his porridge here.

What he sells are the standard issues like chicken porridge, pork porridge (you can ask for purely lean meat slice or a mix of lean meat, pork balls and liver), century egg porridge, etc.  All porridge will be generously doused with a dash of sesame oil, the fried noodles (white ones which are then deep fried) and spring onions.

You can also ask for a bowl of plain porridge (with none of the condiments listed above) and a plate of chicken meat; cost will depends on the number of people, but it’ll go for a minimum of S$3 per person.

He also sells fried bee hoon (S$1 a plate) which looks rather plain and tastes better than it looks.  Also must-haves are his deep fried batter covered boneless chicken wings; goes for S$1 a piece and a minimum order of 2 pieces.

Do not try his fried fish skin as they are pre-fried and put into a box.  So it doesn’t come out nice at all.


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