Ice Cream Chefs

Ice Cream Chefs 3 Oz Ice Cream 3oz Ice Cream Shots
Ice Cream Chefs
520 East Coast Road
(Ocean Park – Besides St. Patricks School) #01-06
Tel:  6446 6355
Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 1-10pm; Friday – Saturday & Eve. of PH: 1-11:00pm

Have your very own creation!
1) Select your Flavors and Size
2) Choose your Mix-Ins
3) Watch us smash your Mix-Ins into your chosen flavors on the Chef’s Rock!

Free Hersheys Chocolate sauce with any mix-ins! Witness in front of your very eyes Live Ice Cream making and have your very own flavors customized just for you on the Chef’s Rock. The Chefs will smash your mix-ins into your flavors creating in a fresh, personalized and crunchy ice cream creation.  Click here to see the video.

They even have a delivery menu (click here to see the menu).  Cost of each pint is S$9.50. 

They also have the 3oz “Ice Cream Shots”, which is just the right size for a single dose of ice cream (a typical scoop of ice cream is about 3 oz) Perfect for office functions, kids parties, house warming, gatherings, etc.

  • Free Delivery for orders $50 and above. Delivery surcharge applies otherwise.
  • Min order of 25 shots for the 3oz ones.
  • Their Live Ice Cream Experience costs S$5.80 per person for a minimum of 20 persons.  They will have an ice cream making machine on site and will make the ice cream on the spot, which takes about an hour to freeze.  Only 3 flavours will be available.  The whole Experience will lasts about 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

  • They accept cash on delivery and Internet bank transfer (POSB/DBS and UOB). Please call them for banking details.

Post-Makan Note:

I sent an email to them to order 25 of the 3oz shots and they responded within the next working day.  And they managed to deliver my orders within the time period stipulated.

Wow! All my friends loved the ice cream.  It was comparable to Haagen-Daaz’s ice cream.  Packaging is a bit different from what’s shown on their website.  The 3oz shot came in clear plastic container with a Ice-Cream Chef sticker outside it (see last picture above).  Flavor of the ice cream is then written on the container itself. Packaging was simple but hey, why should I pay for something that I’ll be throwing away anyway!

We had the Chocolates & Hersheys, Peach Mango Fuzz (more like sherbert), Chippy Mint (peppermint with dark chocolate chips), Rum the Raisins and Mocha the Madness.

Definitely a must-have for any parties you have in future!


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