The Beef House

The Beef House Beef Ball Noodles
The Beef House
217 Syed Alwi Road
Tel: 9821 5463
Opening Hours: 8am to 6pm, closed on Fridays
97 Joo Chiat Road, closed on Mondays
218 Killiney Road, opens daily

What’s highly recommended here is their soon kueh (S$1 each) which is made the traditional way using mashed steamed yam and tapioca flour.  It is filled with a decent mix of mushrooms, black fungus, dried shrimp (hae bee), yellow tau kwa (beancurd) dices and minced meat.

You must also try the yam abacus seeds (suan pan zhi – S$2) which is basically small flattened yam balls.  It is not oily and have a springy texture that contrasts nicely with the crunchy black fungus strips, dried shrimp, minced meat and mushroom.

The other crowd-pullers are Hakka yong tau foo (S$3) and beef ball noodles (S$3).  Everything here is made from scratch by the owner including the bouncy beef balls, fishballs and fish meat for his yong tau foo.  He also makes the chilli sauce himself and takes pride in making stock with no MSG.

For example, the yong tau foo soup is made by brewing soya beans for several hours in the water that was used for soaking fishballs.  The tasty beef stock is also simmered for many hours using good quality meat and bones.

Note: This article was extracted from The Straits Times dated 23 Sep 2007.

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