C-Cup Signature Black Tie Event
Tel: 9229 6109 
Website: www.c-cup.biz
Opening Hours: Last order is at 5pm, Mon to Fri; closed on Monday
Please note that C-Cup will not be taking any more order until 1 Dec 2007.

Ad-man-by-day, Mervyn Chan’s cups overfloweth.  He and his partner, David Logie, fill their decadent desserts with maraschino cherries, mandarin slices and Belgian waffle crusts.  These are covered in whorls of butter cream that will send your self-control crumbling and make you look horribly undignified as you lick up the crumbs from the wrappers.

The cupcakes cost S$3 for 2.5 inch and S$6 for 4 inch except for C-Cup signature which costs S$7 for 4 inch.

To place an order for the cupcakes, click here

  • Minimum order of $30. Excluding delivery charge of $10 to single location (free for orders above $80).
  • Minimum order quantity of two cupcakes per flavour, excluding CCÛP Signature (see 1st picture above).
  • Orders to be placed at least three (3) working days prior to delivery.

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