Baked Ideas

Chocolate Ganache Plain Jane Chocolate Loaf Cake
Baked Ideas

I know what you’re thinking. You’re just cupcaked out. Cannot look at another one, much less eat it.  Maybe this one will revive your appetite.

This dark beauty from Baked Ideas, an Internet baking business, has everything going for it – soft fluffy cake and a yummy chocolate ganache topping crowned with a velvety raspberry. The cake isn’t too sweet, which is a good thing since the ganache is unabashedly so. But there is just enough, so it isn’t terribly cloying.

Two women are the brains behind the business – Karen Huang, 33, who runs a graphic design business, and Joanna Ong, 35, who works in the finance industry.

Aside from cupcakes, they also offer a chocolate cake called, quite endearingly, the Plain Jane Chocolate Loaf Cake. I found it too sweet, but the soft, crumbly texture was good. There is also a decorate-it-yourself Gingerbread Man kit, which comes with unadorned cookies and little pots of icing. Perfect for kids’ parties.

The cupcakes go for S$25-S$35.  The Plain Jane Chocolate Loaf Cake (see above picture) goes for S$40 per pack of 5.   They have other bakes like Raspberry Chocolate Pavlova/Pavlova with Mixed Berries and Creme Anglais (S$40 each), Cranberry and Pistacho Biscotti (S$25 for 320g) and Biscotti di Prato (S$20 for 320g).

Delivery service has been suspended until further notice.  You can pick up your order from either Chip Bee Gardens or Sixth Avenue when it’s ready.  Details will be given to you upon confirmation of your order.

To place your order, call either please call Karen (9747 2908) or Joanna (9749 3454).


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