Rich and Good Cake Shop

Shop Front Rich and Good Cake Shop Rich And Good Cake Shop Box Swiss Roll From Rich and Good Cake ShopKaya Swiss Roll Durian Swiss Roll
Rich and Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street
Tel: 6294 3324
Opening Hours: 8am to 5pm (dunno which days yet; will find out soon)

THIS shop isn’t in the heartlands, but it’s still not where you’d expect to get such delicious durian swiss rolls made with real D24 durians. Customers come from the far ends of the island to buy them.  They have also have other flavors like strawberry, pandan (see picture above), etc.

The bakery is now in its 16th year of business. Owner Lily Liu, 63, plans to pass on the shop to her children, in true heartlander fashion.

Cost is from S$10-S$12 for a box of 2 swiss rolls.

Post-Makan Note:
Finally I visited this shop on 18 March 2008 despite having seen a write-up on it sometime in September 2007.
It took me quite a while to find this shop and I almost walked past it coz if you’re walking along the five-foot walkway like I did, you will not be able to see the shop’s signboard unless you looked up.  It was fortunate for me that I saw first the no. 24 (indicating the shop’s address) then I looked up.
There were no other customers in the shop when I went in; owner was surfing on his laptop.  I was informed that there were only swiss rolls available but I did spot the durian puffs (6 small pieces for S$3.50).
I made my selection (2 rolls of durian and 2 rolls of mango; cost is S$6 per roll) from the shop’s see-through chillers and left the shop.  Owner informed me not to leave the swiss rolls out in the room temperature for more than 2 hours and definitely not in the car’s boot.  I agree with him as today’s weather is terribly hot and the cake will definitely not taste good if you put them in the boot.

Hurriedly I made another stop and quickly went home to dig into the swiss rolls. We “diced” up one of the 30cm durian rolls and sank our teeth into it. Hmmm….. the vanilla sponge roll was soft and the durian paste was not too thick.  Wish they had given me more durian paste in my roll but for S$6 for a 30cm durian swiss roll, I really shouldn’t be complaining! Overall, it had the melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Even without the durian paste, the swiss roll would have tasted real good on its own, I bet! Excellent value for money! Dad and I gave it the thumbs up and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into the mango roll the next day. We put the mango roll in the fridge and it tasted just as good as the durian roll except that the cream they used here is vanilla cream rather than mango paste.  You can even see bits of mangoes in the roll and it tastes great when you bit into it.  By the way, owner did mention not to keep the roll in the fridge for more than 3 days. So take note of that… but I seriously doubt the rolls can last for more than a day when they are so delicious! It tastes definitely rich and good!


2 responses to “Rich and Good Cake Shop

  1. looks yummy…

  2. Very nice & creamy chocolate swiss roll….. Like it so so much!

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