Tori-Q Yakitori
Basement 2, Takashimaya Shopping Centre (inside the food court)
Basement 1, The Paragon
Basement 1-25, Bugis Junction (below Seiyu), Tel: 6238 0232
Basement 1-25, Junction 8 Shopping Centre, Tel: 6259 9172
Basement 1, Tangs Market, Tangs Plaza
Website: (Under Construction)

Tori-Q is a store specialising in Japanese Yakitori, a semi-equivalent to the Malaysia Satay stick. One employee is always busy grilling away little hunks of meat and sometimes assorted vegetables skewered onto little sticks that provide a very portable and relatively healthy snack.

The menu is not overly complex – you order various types of skewers with the option of the better value “packs” providing rice and a drink as well. Most of the grilled skewers are dunked into a warm teriyaki sauce and then put into the various bags or packages. The cheapest sticks are the chicken sticks at only S$0.90 each and the most expensive being the Unagi (eel) ones at S$2.00.

They also have bento sets where you can order the yakitori sticks with rice.  Prices for the bento sets start from S$4.50 to S$6.50.

Tori-Q is not very large with the insides only big enough for the all the employees grilling and serving and a few stools encouraging very brief stays. A big glass panel separates the customers from the grilling section but the entire cooking process is very visible, at least guaranteeing a certain level of quality.


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