Goldhill Hakka Restaurant

Goldhill Hakka Restaurant
Goldhill Hakka Restaurant
299A Changi Road (After the SPC station)
Tel: 6842 4283
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 4pm, closed on Mondays

This place is recommended to me by my colleague who swears by this restaurant’s la la (clams), which he says is just steamed with ginger, chilli and Chinese rice wine.  The la la dish is so heavily doused with the Chinese rice wine that you’ll end up with rosy cheeks after eating and drinking the stock from this dish.

The 2nd item that he swears by is the “Suan Pan Zi” (abacus).  It’s not the normal suan pan zi that you can get from other stalls.  This one is made out of yam and has dried prawns (“xia mi”), salted fish and dried squid as topping. 

The 3rd but not last item he says you must have at this restaurant is of course their hakka yong tau foo.  If you think this is an ordinary dish, think again.  This restaurant uses fresh fish paste in their fillings and the overall taste got a thumbs up!

Note: Thanks to Tiong for the recommendation!

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