Cantina The Food & Wine Stop

La Cantina Cantina Food Quattro Stagioni
Cantina The Food & Wine Stop
60 Greenleaf Road
Tel: (65) 6467 5413
Opening Hours: 11am to 3pm & 6pm to 11pm, Mon to Fri & Eve of Public Holidays; 11am to 11pm on Weekends & Public Holidays

I had the privilege of dining here at someone else’s expenses some time back, so I can’t remember if they had the set menu or not.  But you could check with the restaurant.

The food here is mamma mia! Really good food at reasonable pricing.  The environment here is relaxed since it’s pretty much out of the way. But service is excellent. Check the website for menu & pricing.

One of the best ways to eat artichokes is on a pizza, and you can’t beat this Quattro Stagioni ($20.80) one from Cantina. Aside from the obligatory tomato and mozzarella, there’s also mortadella, black olives, mushrooms and artichokes to represent each of the four seasons or stagioni. Tart slivers of artichokes go perfectly with the briny olives, smoky mushrooms and ham. The crust on this one is crisp, but with a slight chewiness. Don’t worry, it’s not doughy so you can have a couple more slices.

Why I’m putting this review here is that they have got a wonderful outlet at Changi Village called La Cantina in Venezia (specifically at the roof top of Changi Village Hotel). Picture on their website shows a beautiful sea view while dining al-fresco (see picture above).  Romantic venue if I must say. 🙂

Note: Part of the review was extracted from ST Foodies Club.

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