Mr Chicken Rice

Mr Chicken Rice
#01-27 Hai Kou Wei @ Downtown East
Tel: 6585 0079
Opening Hours: 7am to 10pm

Fans of Mr Steven Low’s famous Chatterbox Cafe chicken rice who do not want to pay S$22.65 for it at the Meritus Mandarin Hotel can celebrate. The chef, who was retrenched from the hotel after 31 years of service, will soon be selling the dish for $5.

Mr Low had said that his stall’s chicken rice would be of hotel standard, though the servings would be smaller than those at Chatterbox. Each set will come with silky poached chicken pieces on the bone, clear cabbage soup, garlic-chilli-ginger sauce and dark soya sauce. Adding an extra touch, he will include in the set a bowl of fried bean curd in a Thai-style dressing. And instead of charging $19.50 plus taxes, like the hotel does, he will charge just $5 for a set.


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