Chewy Junior

Chewy Junior
Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-18
(Next to Chocolat N’ Spice)
Tel: 6222 8867

The shop sells a kind of little puff (something similar to that papa puff), with a topping on the top. There are 10 types of topping to choose from (see Chewy Junior Menu).  They also have an additional flavor:- CJ Almond Cookies Crunch (@ S$1.00 each).

Prices range from S$0.80 for the chewy original to S$1.00 for the rest of the flavors.  Buy 6 @ S$5.00 (save S$1.00) or buy 9 @ $7.50 (save S$1.50).

I had the kaya flavored one last Saturday.  The kaya topping is not bad but the vanilla filling in the puff is way too little compared to Beard Papa.  You barely got to taste the vanilla filling until mid-way through the puff and it’s really little.  Overall, a good snack to have but I won’t go for it again and again and again. 😀


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