#B2-40/41 Vivo City

The team at Superdog, a new concept fast food restaurant at VivoCity, believes that even if you must have your food fast, you shouldn’t compromise on its quality. So instead of commercialised frozen meats, you get premium quality burgers and hotdogs, made using fresh patties and sausages and hand-grilled upon order.

Said the restaurant’s strategic marketing director, Veron Ng: “Our emphasis is on freshness. All our meat patties and sausages, including our buns and sauces, are made fresh. First-time customers may ask us how different we are from the usual fast food outlets but once they take a bite, they’ll feel the difference.”

Diners get to choose from American or European style hotdogs. From the American range, I’d recommend the bacon chilli cheese dog ($5.80), served with premium beef hotdog and streaky bacon, and topped with onions, cheese and Superdog Chili — a special homemade sauce concocted from 16 types of ingredients.

The European hotdogs — German Bratwurst, Spicy Italian and Polish — are served with baguette.

From the burger menu, I loved Superdog’s fresh chicken burger ($4.20), made using tender and fresh grilled chicken thigh.


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