Nasi Lemak @ Amoy

Amoy Nasi Lemak Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak 
#02-81 Amoy Street Food Centre

It’s on the 2nd floor of Amoy Street Food Centre.  It’s the staircase that’s next to the POSB ATM.  Another clue would be that this nasi lemak is just next to the “famous” lor mee @ Amoy (I felt that the standard of this lor mee has deterioriated so much that I will never patronise it again!).

If you ever want to eat the nasi lemak at this stall, please go early like 11.30am (if your boss lets you go) or 12.30 latest.  After that, you can simply see the uncle or auntie tell you, “Sorry, no more rice!”

The nasi lemak is really ordinary at this stall.  What stands out most is their fried chicken wing which is crispy and tasty and if you’re lucky, hot from the wok!

Oh, they are one of those stalls where you can either take the set nasi lemak or make your own choices. 


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