Wham! Burger

Double Whammy
Wham! Burger
B1-22, China Square Food Centre
Tel: 9008 0604 (Wendy)
Opening Hours: 10am to 3pm, Mon to Sat
(I only saw a sign that says “This is our last day here. Thanks!” with no indication of where they moved to or whether they are continuing the business at all.)

Imagine for S$4.80, you get a thick slice of beef patty (which is seasoned and juicy), lettuce sandwiched between 2 seasame buns. Is that good value for money or what?

Or if a single patty can’t satisfy you, I dare you to order the Double Whammy(see picture above). Double Whammy! with cheese will cost you S$8.50.  And for an additional S$1.30, you get an egg and sauteed Portabello mushroom.

They also have chicken fillet burger which is a whole chicken thigh fillet marinated in a mild Satay marinade (S$4.80). Or if you like fish, they also offer crispy fish burger (dory fish for S$5.80) for you.

If you want a side to go with your burgers, go for the Combi (S$5.80) which will get you a burger (excludes Double Whammy!) and a side.  Choose your side from potato salad, chilli con carne, raisin coleslaw, crinkle cut fries or onion rings.  Sides on their own cost from S$1.50 to S$2.00.


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