Golden Mile Claypot Rice

Golden Mile Claypot Rice
#01-65 Golden Mile Food Centre
Tel: 6295 8234
Opening Hours: 5pm to 10pm, closed on Wednesdays

“45 minutes, can wait?” asks the woman taking the order here, in a tone that suggests that if you cannot, it is okay as there are many others willing to do so. The chicken is tender and well-marinated, but the rice is not flavourful, despite the substantial black soya sauce and oil added to it. The salted fish, pork and liver sausage and the cursory sprinkling of vegetables, which top the rice, are above average. For a $4 serving, it is value for money with seven pieces of tasty chicken. You can call in advance to order – at least 40 minutes, advises the stall. Tip: Take care not to stain the table with black soya sauce or the woman will tell you off.

Note: This review is extracted from Stomp Foodies Club.

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