Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

Anatolia Turkish Restaurant
#02-58/59 Far East Plaza
Tel: 6836 3352
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Many people are familiar with the antics of the Turkish Ice-Cream man from Anatolia Turkish Restaurant. With his pretense to be dropping the ice-cream and hitting the bells, the Turkish Ice-Cream man has gotten nothing but laughs from his patrons. Anatolia Turkish Restaurant, which is located on the second floor of the popular youth hangout in Far East Plaza , has been dishing out popular Turkish delights, like kebabs, for over 10 years now.

Unlike Indian food or local dishes that can get pretty spicy, Turkish food is not very spicy as they use tomato bases for their gravy. Iskender ($8) which is quite a popular dish at Anatolia , consists of slices of shredded beef and pieces of Pide bread, drenched in a tomato based sauce. When served with scoops of yoghurt, this dish can taste too sourish for the majority’s preferences. In addition, the shredded beef was a little tough to chew. Diners have the option of chicken or beef for this dish, though according to the owner, Mr Ur, in Turkey , they only serve beef Iskender.

The Lahmacun ($3), which looks like a fusion between a pizza and naan bread, is a crispy bread which is topped with chicken and some vegetables. It tasted slightly salty so do dip it into the different salad mixtures that is available or squeeze a little lime over it. However, this dish on its own is pretty filling as the portion is quite generous. However, Mr Ur pointed out that in Turkey , one piece is never enough and people can eat five pieces of Lahmacun in one sitting.

For those looking for a full meal, opt for the Mix Kebab Special ($16). Served with butter rice, this dish comes with a mixture of chicken, beef and lamb kebabs. The chicken and lamb kebabs are much tenderer compared to the lamb. The butter rice also brings out the taste of the kebabs and affords it more flavour. The downside was that the Mix Kebabs were dry because of the way it was cooked, so do consider adding on some sauces or salads when eating this.

If you are going to have Turkish food, then you cannot miss the dessert. Your best bet would be the Dmado Ice-Cream but of course, you have got to be patient and let the ice-cream man amuse you with his antics.

Dining area at this restaurant is small, so be prepared to wait and wait.  The portions are also quite big so make sure you check how many the portion serves before ordering.

Note: The above review was extracted from StreetDirectory.

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