Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hoon

HV Fish Head Bee Hoon Fish Head Bee Hoon
Holland Village XO Fish Head Been Hoon
Blk 46 Holland Drive #01-359
Tel: 6778 3691
Opening Hours: 12pm to 2.30pm, 5pm to 11pm, daily

The most famous place you can enjoy the liquor laced dish is here although you will likely chance upon similar versions of the dish at restaurants or food stalls across the island.

A hot spot for both lunch and dinner, this Holland Drive coffeeshop is almost always packed. Animated chatter from the diners and the noisy whir of the wall-mounted fans add to the atmosphere, as bowl after bowl of steaming fish head bee hoon is served. You can smell the tantalising scent of cognac in the bowl of delicious X.O. fish head bee hoon even before it reaches your table. The dish, although a little too milky, comes with a generous serving of fresh steamed fish and thick vermicelli. For the price you’re paying, you’re definitely getting a whole lot of fish with almost 15 pieces of fish head! The price ranges from $7 – $25 (up to 5 pax).

Also not to be missed are crowd favourites like har cheong kai (Shrimp Paste Fried Chicken) (S$7 per plate) and Buttered Prawns (S$15 for 5 pcs).


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