First Thai

First Thai
First Thai
23 Purvis Street
Tel: 6339 3123

It’s been a while since I last went down but the memory of authentic Thai food at very reasonable prices will prompt me to go there again soon.

I love this place coz the prices are lower, the setting fuss-free and the food still pretty darn good. This funky little joint on purvis street is housed in a shophouse thats a little old school with its interiors decked out with cermaic tiles and a mosaic floor. People choose from a pictorial menu that is supplied but order from ticking off boxes on a pink sheet to be handed off to a waiter.

Must try dishes here include the fried pandan chicken, the green curry chicken, the spicy otak, belacan fried rice and tom yum gung.

The pandan fried chicken was kind of small in portion size, but they more than made up for it by its quality. Lovingly wrapped in pandan leaves, the chicken exuded a taste that was heavenly.

The tom yum soup was also really complex, and it explodes in flavor once your put it in your mouth. They really cramp the ingredients into a tiny bowl, so its kind of hard to get your spoon into get the soup, but you know its all worth it!

The fried belacan rice and the green curry chicken were also excellent dishes. The green curry chicken was thick and flavorful, and the chicken came right off the bones, such a great complement to eat your rice with.

The service here is questionable, but there is no GST or service charge so its acceptable!

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