Tiong Shian Porridge

Tiong Shian Porridge 1 Tiong Shian Porridge 2
Tiong Shian Porridge
265 New Bridge Road, Ann Kway Building
Tel: 6221 1596 / 6222 3911
Opening Hours: 7am to 2.30am, closed on alternate Mondays
Website: http://www.sbestfood.com/tiongshian.htm

In case you don’t know what is Tiong Shian porridge, I’ll mention that it’s the famous Chinatown porridge at the coffeeshop near the main road, and it’s very near the Chinatown food centre.  Now do I hear a “orh, that one har?” Hehehe… oh yes, it’s that one lor.  Now you know. 

They have all kinds of porridge and since I’m not the kind to take frog porridge, I usually go for century egg (S$3.20 a bowl) or chicken porridge (S$2.70 a bowl).  I also like their fried hoon chang (S$5 a plate).

My pet peeve about this place is having to find a seat. People and more people are everywhere and not a seat in sight for me.  But since they’re open till very late (or very early in the morning), I guess you can wait and wait until someone finished his/her food and you finally get your seat.


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