Sofia Claudia 
Delivery hotline: 6377 7773
Website: http://www.spizza.sg/index.asp

They have 6 outlets in Singapore, so check their website for the nearest outlet if you want to dine in.  Else, just call the delivery hotline. Minimum order is S$30. Deliveries are subject to delivery fees and GST in some cases (the operator will advise you of this).  Delivery hours are from 11am to 2.30pm and from 6pm to 10pm daily.

There are 23 mouth-watering pizzas all named after Italian women, 9 scrumptious desserts named after famous female opera characters and 12 equally tantalizing starters named after the emperors of Rome.  All pizzas are wood-baked, so you can get that fragrant woody taste in every bite of your pizza.  All pizzas are also thin-crusted.

Medium pizzas ($15) generally serve 2-3, while large pizzas ($18) can satisfy 4 average diners.

I’ve tried their Adriano pizza (smoked salmon with onion rings and capers) and hmmm….. hmmm…. hmm….. I’m a convert now and I will only fall back on Pizza Hut only in case of emergency.


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