Eng Seng Restaurant – Pepper Crabs

Eng Seng Restaurant Eng Seng’s Pepper Crabs
Eng Seng Restaurant
241 Joo Chiat Place
Opening Hours: 5pm to 10pm, closed on Wednesdays

This is THE place to go if you want to eat pepper crabs.  But you’ll queue up for more than an hour and some, for a table at this coffeeshop off Joo Chiat Road. Well known with East Coast denizens, Eng Seng attracts even locals from far-flung corners of Singapore with its signature Black Pepper Crabs. Call it crazy, but the 50 crab fiends who queue up to feed here every night can’t be all wrong, can they? Well Eng Seng die-hards swear the wait is well worth it. Bring along a couple of friends to stave off the waiting time, and before long you’ll be tucking into a well-deserved crab dinner.

Try to go at 5pm to avoid the crowd at this place.  Or be prepared to put up with the abuse from the employee here. 😀


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