Colbar Eating House

Colbar Menu Colbar Colbar 2 Colbar Interior 
Colbar Eating House
9A Whitchurch Road, Wessex Estate
Tel: 6779-4859
Opening hours: 11am-10pm; closed on Mondays

Some call it run-down, while others appreciate its quaint laidback charm. Undoubtedly, Colbar is unlike any cookie-cutter food establishment you’ll find anywhere. A haven for beatniks and beer-chugging expats, this rickety shed in the middle of idyllic Wessex Estate is no frills and (no A/C). What it does have, is a rich history and a decent menu comprising Western and Asian fare.

Colbar closed its doors in 2003 to make way for a highway extension. Thanks to the petitions of Colbar regulars and the subsequent intervention of the Jurong Town Council (JTC), who wanted to preserve its colourful history, Colbar was replicated and relocated just a stone’s throw away from the old site. Built brick by brick and copied to close exact, Colbar reopened its doors last year looking no different from what it used to be.

For the food connoisseur, do not expect a gourmet meal here. The grub features lots of fry-ups like deep fat-fried chips, bangers and mash, burgers, fish and chips, omelettes and pork chops mostly below SGD 10, while steaks can go up to SGD 22.

What draws people to this secluded part of Singapore is the quiet open space away from prying eyes and reprieve from traffic. Time stands still here.  Weekend family functions and rugby post-match luncheons are common sight here, while evenings see a gathering of white-collar workers, art buffs and couples who enjoy a tete-a-tete in the foyer overlooking the surrounding greenery.

Note: This review was extracted from Uniquely Singapore’s website.

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