Au Petit Salut (French Restaurant)

Lunch Menu Dinner Menu Ala Carte Dessert
Au Petit Salut
40C Harding Road (near Dempsey Road)
Tel: 6475 1976

I had the pleasure of dining here for lunch one fine day and the memory of its Burgundy snails remained with me till this day.

The set lunch is only S$25+++ per person (no sharing please)! For that amount you pay, you can pick an entree, main course, dessert (creme brulee is highly recommended) and regular coffee or tea.  Excellent value for money for the kind of quality that we are served. 

Go for the set lunch whenever you can coz the set dinner will cost you S$75+++ per person and for that price, you get an additional entree and better main course and desserts. But seriously, would you want to?

Their menu is listed on their website together with the prices (just like the restaurants in Paris where they display their menus prominently outside for diners to decide if they want to eat there or not).


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