Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice & Fish Porridge
#02-89G Mei Chin Rd Market & Cooked Food Centre
Opening Hours: 10am to 7.30pm

This stall used to be originally at Margaret Drive but they’ve since moved to their new location @ Mei Chin Road Market.  They are still drawing the crowds to their chicken rice.  I always have the white steamed chicken (can’t remember they ever selling roasted chicken) and even with the move, their standards have remained unchanged.


Help! I heard they moved away from Mei Chin.  Destination: unknown! Since they are the only chicken rice stall that I eat from in Singapore, please please please let me know where they moved to! Thank you!


4 responses to “Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice

  1. They moved to Block 603 clementi west street 1 behind ginza plaza.

  2. Leong, you are my savior! Thanks so much!

  3. They are still at Mei chin food centre!!!wasted my time to go clementi…

    • Sorry lah… last time I went there, the whole stall “disappeared”. Glad to know that they are back at Mei Chin Food Centre. Missed their chicken rice so much.

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